Thursday, August 22, 2013

SD Card Photo Recovery Freeware: Free Recover Photos from SD Card

Yesterday, we had introduced the method to recover deleted images from SanDisk SD card. Today, I would like to share a freeware for SD card photo recovery. In fact, images, photos or any other data can be lost not only due to accidental deletion, but also due to several reasons. I will list those possible causes for SD card photo loss and share my experience on how to perform SD card photo restore.

A Case on SD Card Photo Loss
Firstly, I will share a case before I introduce the reasons for SD card photo loss. One day, a lady came to my office anxiously and told me that she formatted a 32GB SD card on her laptop and lost thousands of precious photos. As you know, formatting will erase everything on the SD card. I just told her to relax and plugged her card to my PC. When inserting the card to the USB port of my PC, it was recognized as drive G: on my computer. However, when I tried to open the card, an error message pops up: disk in drive G: is not formatted do you want to format it now. I got what happened immediately when seeing this error message. As what I thought, the lady told me the whole thing: she was transferring some data from the SD card, but mistakenly she clicked the Format option instead of Copy. When she realized that she made a mistake, she stopped the formatting. So the SD card shows not formatted error when I connect it to my PC.

SD Card Photo Loss Scenarios
From the case above, it is very clearly that formatting is one of cause for SD card photo loss. Usually, if the format on SD card is completed, you will find the card shown as an empty device but you can open it and write data to it normally. However, if you stop the formatting process manually before it is completed, you will find the SD card will not be accessed normally and shows not formatted error. Besides, if an SD card is corrupted due to bad sectors, virus attack, long time use, etc or even damaged, the SD card may also shows not formatted error. Therefore, not formatted error is another cause for SD card data loss. In addition, deletion is also a possible cause for SD card data loss. 

All above, the possible scenarios for SD card photo loss usually include: format SD card by mistake or on purpose, delete several or all files from SD card, SD card shows not formatted error in some situations.

Freeware for SD Card Photo Restore
Return to the case above, I am surely there is nothing wrong with the SD card but it shows not formatted error due to uncompleted formatting. So I use SD card recovery software and select the Format Recovery option to perform the SD card data recovery. In fact, it doesn’t matter how data is lost from an SD card, you only need to choose different recovery modules for different reasons for SD card data loss. Wizards on SD card lost photo recovery

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

What Happens When Photos Lost from an SD Card due to Different Causes?
When SD card photo loss is caused by deletion or formatting, only the names of the photos are erased from the card but the real data is still on the card. When the photos are lost from an SD card due to not formatted error, the system only marks the data on the card as inaccessible one, but everything on the card is still stored to the original place. By the way, when data is lost due to deletion or formatting, users may be easily to overwrite the lost data by writing new data or reformatting the card. It is very important not to overwrite the SD card if you want to recover all lost files.


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