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How to Retrieve Deleted Images from a SanDisk SD Memory Card?

I have been working in data recovery company for about 5 years, so I have dealt with many data loss problems. During the last 5 years, people who are from different places and have different jobs came to our company almost every day to ask for help with their data loss problems. As a professional data recovery service worker, it is so easy for me to recover any data no matter how it got lost. However, it is quite a difficult work for most users. As a matter of fact, you only need to spend a few minutes and you will find it not so hard as you imagine to restore lost files. So I will share my experience here. In this article, let’s learn how to recover deleted images from a SanDisk SD card.

Important Images Are Deleted from a SanDisk SD Card
When people come to our company to ask for help to recover deleted images from their SD card, they often say: please help me, because I mistakenly delete some important images from my card. Actually, accident deletion is one of the most common causes for data loss. There is such a customer who came to our company asking me to help him recover deleted files. He told me that he delete some images from his digital camera SD card by accident. Then he continued saying how important those images to him. I just asked him one question: have you written any data to the SD card or reformatted the card after formatting? His answer is no. Then I promised him that I can help him recover all deleted images. I asked him to give his SanDisk SD card to me and told him to take back his card the next day.

Possibility of Data Recovery from SanDisk SD Card
In fact, I only spent about half an hour to restore the deleted images. When he saw those deleted images again, I can felt that he is so surprised and amazed. Here, you must also feel surprised why it is possible to recover deleted data from his SanDisk SD card. The reason is quite simple to understand. When the images are deleted from a SanDisk SD card, the system only marks them as deleted ones but still keep the real data intact on the SD card. As long as the space where stored the deleted files is not occupied by new data, the deleted data will always keep there and be recoverable. In another word, whether the deleted files are recoverable depends on if the SD card is overwritten. 

How to Retrieve Deleted Images?
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Now, I will introduce how I helped the customer above recover all deleted images from his SanDisk SD card within a short time. Firstly, I inserted the SD card to a card reader and plug the card reader to the USB port of my computer. Then, I launched the SD card recovery software on my computer. SD card recovery software is a professional data recovery program that can restore any lost data from memory card. If it is the first time to use this software, you need to download and install it on a computer. After the software is launched, I selected the proper recovery module and choose the SD card for scanning. When scanning process is over, I selected all the found files and save them to my computer’s hard disk drive. Finally, I transfer those recovered data to the SanDisk SD card and the whole data recovery process has been done.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

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