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Memory Card Unreadable – How to Fix An Unreadable SD, XD, CF without Losing Data?

Help You out When Your Memory Card Is Unreadable
I have an 8GB SanDisk SD card which is unreadable both on my digital camera and computer. I often insert this SD card into my Sony digital camera and take some photos. Yesterday, I used my camera with the SD card inserted in to take some pictures. When I got home and connected the SD card to my computer, it says data is unreadable. Then I inserted the card into my digital camera again, but the files are still unreadable. How is it possible to restore the lost photos as well as other files including videos and music? Can I fix the unreadable SD card?
It is possible to restore all lost files as long as you stop using the SD card immediately. You can also fix the unreadable problem on your SD card with easy way.

Solutions for Unreadable Memory Card Data Recovery
First Memory Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)

Second Memory Card Recovery Freeware

The first important thing to fix unreadable SD card is to recover data. There is no direct connection between data recovery and troubleshooting unreadable problem, but it may cause your data lose forever if you don’t perform data recovery first. It is very simple to restore unreadable data from a SD card by using memory card recovery software. This software is a free application that could enable you to recover data from SD card and other types of memory card like SDHC, MMC, Micro SD, CF, XD, etc. It also supports to restore data from all brands and capacities of memory cards.
In order to learn the detailed steps to recover files from the unreadable SD card, you can read this

How to fix unreadable Memory Card?
When a memory card is not readable, do you think the memory card is corrupted? The simplest way to fix unreadable problem on a memory card is to format the memory card. Sometimes, if the memory card contains too much data the card may also become unreadable. You can format the memory card either on your digital camera or a mobile phone or on your computer. You should know that when your memory card shows data is unreadable, it doesn’t mean all data in the card are unreadable. Sometimes, even one corrupted file on your memory card may prevent the other data inside the card from being read. Therefore, you should use your memory card properly and never plug it out from your computer or camera or mobile phone unsafely.

More Memory Card Unreadable Problems
Question1: Is there anything I can do to make my Mini SD card readable on my digital camera or my laptop with Win7 operating system? I can’t afford to lose my important data from the Mini SD card if it still keeps unreadable. What can I do to get back data off the SD card?

Question2: I know this is a common problem but I have no idea how does this happen. My SanDisk SD card is showing disk drive is not format do you want to format it now, data stored on this drive also becomes unreadable and inaccessible.
All the problems above can be solved by memory card recovery software. It is worthy of having a try.

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