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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD card for Mac?

Can Deleted Photos Be Recovered from SD Card for Mac?

Hello, everybody! I have a question here: can I retrieve deleted photos from a SD card for Mac? More than 1000 photos have been deleted from my SD card on a mobile phone, but now I connect my SD card to a Mac. How can I perform the deleted photo recovery?

Everybody has ever made some mistake to deleted important files from a SD card. As you may know, you have to connect the SD card to a computer if you want to perform the data recovery with data recovery software. A few years, almost all the computers we use were equipped with windows OS. However, the Mac computers we use today are equipped with Mac Os. Then is it still possible to recover deleted photos for Mac? Is there any difference if you want to retrieve deleted photos for Mac? 

Tutorials – How to Rescue Deleted Photos from SD Card for Mac?
In fact, there is no much difference. Many data recovery software are compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS. Now, I would like to share the tutorials on how to rescue deleted photos from a SD card for Mac with photo recovery software (freeware).
1. Connect the SD card to the Mac
You had better connect SD card to your Mac through a card reader instead of USB cable.
2. Get the photo recovery software
Download and install the photo recovery software. Run the software to choose a data recovery module.
3. Scan the SD card
Select the SD card from which you want to recover deleted photos and allow the software to perform a scan.
4. Preview and Recover the deleted photos
You are allowed to preview the found files after scanning. Then mark and save all the needed photos to a path folder. It is advised not to save the files to original SD card.

Note – How to Increase the Chance for SD Card Recovery
The most important note to increase the chance for SD card photo recovery is that you should stop using the card once you deleted important files from it.
On the one hand, you should prevent the SD card from any unwanted physical damage.
On the other hand, you should stop writing new files to the SD card.

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