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Solution for Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error and Recover Files

Recover Inaccessible or Lost Files When Micro SD Card Has Not Formatted Error
Not formatted error will occur on a micro SD card when it is inserted into a mobile phone, a digital camera or computer. Usually, people who encounter such not formatted error on their micro SD card will feel panic and doubt if it is possible to access the data inside the not formatted micro SD card. So can we recover inaccessible or lost files when the micro SD card is saying not formatted error? The answer would be absolutely yes on one condition that you protect the card from being overwritten or suffering any physical damage.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, external drive etc.

#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
How to use: Windows data recovery steps

#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb 
Solution for Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error & Retrieve Data
You have no choice but to choose a micro SD card recovery tool in order to retrieve the inaccessible or lost data from not formatted error. However, you have two choices when you opt for a recovery tool, either select a freeware or a shareware. As a matter of fact, lots of freeware are not worse than shareware. Micro SD card recovery software is such a free data recovery utility for micro SD card data recovery when it has not formatted error. Many users worry that the software only allows them scan the micro SD card free but it will ask money for the data recovery. If you choose micro SD card recovery software, you don’t need to feel worried about this problem because this software offers users free scanning, previewing and restoring their lost files.

Recover Files and Repair Not Formatted Error Step by Step
Want to repair the micro SD card not formatted error? Take it easy! You need to restore the files inside the micro SD card before repairing the not formatted error. Here are two micro SD card recovery programs for your choice.
First Micro SD Card Recovery Software – Download It Now!
# 1 must try recovery software
Step1. Connect the micro SD card to a computer through a USB cable or card reader. Download the micro SD card recovery software. Install and run the software on the computer. Choose the "Deep Scan Recovery" module to start data recovery.
Step2. Choose the micro SD card and click "Recover" button to enable the software to scan the selected card so that it will help you search for the files inside the card.
Step3. You can do something else during the scan process. When the scan is over, you will see a partition list that contains all found partitions. Choose those partitions and click "Show Files" to preview the files.
Step4. Tick the files you want to recover and click "Save Files" button to recover the files. You had better save those selected files to your computer hard disk or any other storage media, but you can’t save the files to the original micro SD card.

Second Micro SD Card Recovery Software – Download It Here!
# 2 must try recovery software
Step1. Connect the micro SD card, download, install and launch the software. Choose the recovery option.
Step2. Choose the memory card and click "Start Scan" button to perform scan on the selected card.
Step3. Select the found files after scan. You can preview the files before you recover them. Select all the files you need and click "Recover" option to save the files.
It Is Time to Repair Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error
The software recommended above are professional and powerful for data recovery. When the data recovery is finished, you can format the micro SD card to repair the not formatted error. If you can’t format the card on your computer, you can try to use a professional format tool.

Pay Attention: Don’ts & Dos before or after Your Files Are Recovered from Micro SD Card
3 Don’ts - >>

* Don’t let your micro SD card suffer from any physical damage
* Don’t format your micro SD card until you recover all important data
* Don’t save the selected files to the original micro SD card.

2 Dos - >>
* Backup the important data to another storage media
* Always use your micro SD card properly in order to avoid unexpected damage to the card

FAQ: Different Situations for Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error
Not formatted error on a micro SD card can be caused by many different reasons. Generally speaking, it can be two situations.
First Situation: Micro SD Card Is Physically Damaged
: My 8GB micro SD card is not accessible anymore since I dropped it into the water. My friend told me it is physically damaged. How can I get data off the card?
Answer: If the card is really physically damaged, there is no chance to get back data off the card. You can’t repair the card either. The only choice for you is to change a new memory card.

Second Situation: Micro SD Card Is Not Readable due to Virus Attack or Other Reasons
: I have a Transcend micro SD card but it shows not formatted error on my computer. It asks me to format the card but I have many important documents inside the card. What is the best solution to fix the micro SD card not formatted error and recover data?
Answer: Micro SD card will become unreadable or inaccessible when it is infected with virus or it has bad sectors. Besides, if you often remove your card from your computer or camera, cell phone unsafely; it will also cause not formatted error on micro SD card. The best and fastest solution for data recovery is to use micro SD card recovery software.


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