Friday, June 7, 2013

Freeware for Micro SD Card Recovery - Recover Deleted Data from Micro SD Card with Free Programs

Situations in Which You May Delete Files from Micro SD Card

Situation1: mistakenly delete file A instead of file B
Users may often make such kind of mistake to delete important files from their micro SD card. They usually delete the file wrongly which has the similar name with the other one.
Case: I mistakenly deleted an excel file which is named "Status" while I wanted to delete the file named "Stature". The deleted file is very important to me. How can I get back the deleted excel files as soon as possible since I have to take it to my boss tomorrow.

Situatin2: press wrong button to delete all files instead of delete one
No matter on a digital camera, a cell phone or a computer, you might find "delete all" button so that you can easily and fast delete all unnecessary files from your card. However, you might mistakenly pres the wrong button to delete all files while you only want to delete one.
Case: I was viewing all the pictures on my micro SD card on my camera to delete those not so good ones. However, I just pressed the wrong button and deleted all the pictures from my card while I only wanted to delete one picture. Those pictures were taken on my sister’s wedding. She asked me to make a Photoshop of those pictures, but what should I do now? Can I undelete those pictures? I hope somebody who has the same experience can give me a clue.

Freeware for Deleted Data Recovery from Micro SD Card
First Micro SD Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Micro SD Recovery Freeware
Shortly, any deleted data from micro SD card is recoverable.
How? Well, the only chance to recover deleted data from a micro SD card is to use third-party micro SD card recovery software.
The advantages of the micro SD card recovery software include:
* Free of charge
* Fast, reliable and effective
* Easy-to-use
* supports all brands and capacities of micro SD card
Learn more on how to use micro SD card recovery software

Important Tips on Micro SD Card Data Recovery
>> Stop using the card after deleting files from it so as to avoid writing new files to the card
>> Connect the card to the computer through a card reader instead of the USB cable when you want to perform data recovery from the micro SD card
>> Avoid saving recovered files to the original micro SD card in case of overwriting the lost files


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