Friday, June 7, 2013

Recovering Deleted Images from SD Card

Can You Retrieve Deleted Images from SD Card?

Can you retrieve deleted images from a SD card? If you are not sure about the answer, this article will show you how to recover deleted images from a SD memory card. When you delete images from your SD card, you must have a lot of doubt like the following users and wonder if it is true that deleted files can be recovered.

User1: I want to undelete my SD card to retrieve the deleted images. Is it possible to retrieve all the deleted images? My friend recommended Recuva to me but it didn’t do a good job. So I am wondering if I still have chance to recover those deleted images. I need help please.

User2: I don’t doubt that deleted data from SD card is recoverable, but I have no idea which software I could choose. I deleted many files including photos, videos and music from the card. I don’t care about the videos and music, but I need to restore all the deleted photos. Can somebody give me a suggestion, especially who had ever met the same or similar problem for deleted file recovery on SD card?

Methods and Tips to Recover Deleted Images from SD Card
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second SD Card Recovery Freeware
Method: any deleted file including images can be recovered with professional SD card recovery software (free program).
Since there are lots of recovery programs online, it is necessary and important to get a reliable and useful one. The reasons why you rely on SD card recovery software include:
Free: the software is totally free. It enables you to scan and recover all deleted files free.
Reliable: the software is risk-free and it doesn’t contain any spyware.
Effective: the software allows you to recover all deleted files within a short time.
Flexible: you can preview the files before you decide to recover them. You can also only specify the files you want to recover.
Tip: don’t overwrite the SD card to make the data recovery not available.


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