Thursday, June 6, 2013

SD Card File Recovery - I Accidentally Deleted Files on My SD Card, Can I Recover Them?

I Accidentally Deleted Files on My SD Card, Can I Recover Them?

User1: Is there any good way to recover deleted pictures, videos and music from a SD memory card on my Nikon digital camera? I accidentally deleted some important files from my SD card. I have no idea where I can get back those deleted files, but they are really important for me. Is there any solution or tip to undelete the SD card so that I can get back the lost files?

User2: I accidentally deleted an important folder from my 8GB SD card. They are my work paper and pictures inside the deleted folder. Firstly, I still thought that I can restore the deleted folder from the recycle bin since I deleted the folder when the SD card was connected to my computer. But I can’t find the folder from the recycle bin. I was wondering what kind of data recovery software I can use so that I can recover the deleted files free of charge?

Recover All Types of Files with SD Card Recovery Freeware
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)

Second SD Card Recovery Freeware
Although when you delete a file from your SD card it might ask you "are you sure you want to permanently delete this file", it won’t erase the file permanently even if you click the "Yes" option to delete the file. Therefore, you still have a good chance to recover the deleted files from the SD card. How? To recover deleted files from SD card, a professional and powerful SD card recovery tool is necessary. SD card recovery software enables you to recover all types of files including photos, images, audio, music, videos, emails, PDF files, documents, etc from SD card free of charge. The SD card recovery freeware allows you to recover the deleted files within about three simple steps.
Firstly, scan – the software can deep scan the selected SD card automatically in a short time.
Secondly, preview – after scanning, the freeware will display you all found files so that you can preview the files before you decide to recover them.
Finally, save – you just need to select all the files you need and save them to a storage device (not to the original SD card).


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