Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to Recover Photos from SDHC Card

Delete Photos from SDHC Card

I pressed the wrong button on my digital camera and deleted some photos from my SDHC card. How can I recover the photos that have been deleted from the SDHC card?

Deleted photos are recoverable since they are still 100% intact on the SDHC card after deleting as long as you didn’t write new files to the card. When you delete a file from the SDHC card, it only marks the space where stored the deleted file as empty. But you didn’t delete the file directory so you still have chance to get the deleted files back.

Format SDHC Card by Accident
I performed a quick format on my SDHC card to delete all the files from the card fast, but I found I lose some important photos from the card after formatting. Anyway, I want to unformat the SDHC card to retrieve the deleted photos due to formatting.

When you want to format a SDHC card, you can perform quick format or full format. However, no matter you perform a quick forma or a full format; you had better backup the important data to another storage device. If you have formatted your SDHC card by mistake without backup the important files, you still have chance to unformat the card to restore the lost files.

SDHC Card Says Errors
My SDHC card stopped working on my camera since it says memory card full. Then I connected it to my PC through a card reader. But I received an error message disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. I can’t format the card because I will lose everything inside after formatting. How can I fix the error without formatting?

You have to format the card to fix the not formatted error, but you can recover files from the SDHC card first before formatting. Then you won’t lose anything from the card. Except not formatted error, you might meet other similar errors on your card such as I/O error, bad sectors, CRC error, etc. 

How to Recover Photos from SDHC Card?
First SDHC Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second SDHC Card Recovery Freeware
No matter you want to undelete SDHC card, unformat the card or recover data from not formatted SDHC card; you can use SDHC card recovery software. It is free and capable of recovering photos as well as other files from SDHC card after deleting, formatting or card shows errors.


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