Friday, March 15, 2013

Best RAW Drive Recovery Software – Recover Photos & Other Data from Not Formatted Seagate Hard Drive

Help! Seagate Hard Drive Shows Not Formatted Error & Becomes RAW!

Well, it happened all of a sudden that my 500GB Seagate hard drive is inaccessible on my computer. Then I unplugged it from my computer and tried to plug it to a laptop through a USB, but it is still inaccessible and says need to format it before I can use it. The file system of this hard drive has also changed to RAW. Can I recover my data from the not formatted hard drive? Is there a tool that can help me convert the RAW hard drive to NTFS without data loss?

It is really an annoying thing to lose important data due to not formatted error. Now, with reliable RAW drive recovery software, you can restore data from the RAW hard disk.

Try Two Best RAW Drive Recovery Software That Allow You to Free Recover Files
I have tested two RAW drive recovery software on my own Seagate hard drive.
These two RAW drive recovery programs are both free.
They are absolutely reliable and secure software, which allows you to recover all kinds of files from your Toshiba hard drive like pictures, documents, videos, audio files, etc no matter it shows not formatted error, or raw file system, or not recognized, or has other errors. 

First Recommended RAW Drive Recovery Freeware – Step-by-Step Wizard
Step1. Download and install the software to your computer
First must try recovery software
Please not install it on the drive you need to recover. Run the software and you will see four basic recovery modules on the main screen of this software.
Lost Partition Recovery: Recover files from lost partition.
Advanced Files Recovery: Recover files after deleting, system error, or other unknown reasons.
Deep Scan Recovery: Recover files from RAW drive, not formatted error or when you can’t find lost files by choosing other three recovery modules.
Format Recovery: Recover Files after Formatting.
Step2. Choose the hard drive and scan the selected drive to search for lost data
You should wait patiently and don’t give up during the scanning process. It may take a little long time to scan the selected drive if you have lots of data inside it.
Step3. Preview and recover all files from the RAW Seagate hard drive
When you recover all selected files, you can’t save them to the original hard drive.

Second Recommended Free RAW Drive Recovery Software – Simple Steps!
Step1. Run the RAW drive recovery software on your computer
Second must try recovery software
You need to download and install the software before you can launch it. After the software is launched, you will also see four recovery modules.
Quick Recovery: This recovery module allows you to perform a standard scan on the hard drive.
Deleted File Recovery: Recover deleted files from hard drive.
Formatted/Lost Files & Folder Recovery: Recover files from formatted or lost hard drive and enables you to perform an advanced scan on the hard drive.
Search Lost Volume: Enables you to search for lost or deleted volumes by scanning the hard drive.
Step2. Select the hard drive you want to recover and wait while the scan
The software will show you all detected drive after you choose a recovery module. In this step, you need to select the hard drive you want to recover and perform a scan.
Step3. Preview and save all kinds of files
Once the scan is over, you can preview the found files. Then choose the files you need and save them to any other devices rather than the not formatted hard drive.

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