Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card for Free

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card?
User1: I deleted photos from a SD card. How to recover those deleted photos from free?
User2: Can I restore photos that have been deleted from a SD card on my Samsung digital camera? How can I do it if the deleted photos can be recovered?
User3: I need to recover some deleted pictures from my 8GB SD memory card. Can anybody recommend some free data recovery programs?
User4: I am wondering if there is any free photo recovery software for deleted photo recovery from SD card. I lost more than 400 photos on the SD card after deleting.
User5: Please give me a hand to undelete pictures from SD card. I need step-by-step guide to teach me how to undelete the lost pictures. Thanks for any help.

Recover Photos That Have Been Deleted from SD Card for Free
First Photo Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second Photo Recovery Freeware
It is available to recover deleted photos from SD card for free with photo recovery software. I have tested the software, which can restore the deleted photos in a short time. Before you decide whether you would like to restore those deleted data, you can preview the found files first. Besides, the freeware is compatible with all windows operating system and it supports to recover deleted photos from all brands and types of SD cards. As a matter of fact, the photo recovery software can not only retrieve deleted photos from SD card, but also recover other types of files like images, videos, music, emails, office files and more.
Skip over to learn how to retrieve deleted photos from your SD card step by step.

Things You Need to Pay Attention to When Perform Deleted Photo Recovery
* When you use the photo recovery software to scan the SD card, it may take dozens of minutes during scanning process if the size of lost photos is too large. So you should be patient during the scanning process.
* When you want to save the recovered files after scanning, you cannot save them to the original SD card.


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