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SanDisk SD Card Recovery Software Free

Free SanDisk SD Card Recovery Software

SanDisk SD Card Recovery
SanDisk is a popular brand of digital products. As one of the most popular product from SanDisk, SanDisk SD card is widely used almost all over the world. However, data will get lost from a SanDisk SD card on your digital camera, mobile phone or PC due to various reasons. Then another popular product comes out, free SanDisk SD card recovery software is a data recovery program which is able to restore any lost file from your SD card.

Compared with other similar data recovery applications, SanDisk SD card recovery software has its own features and advantages for all users.
Firstly, it provides different recovery modules so that you can easily choose a proper data recovery option based on your data loss case.
Besides, this software enables you to preview the found files with original size and quality.
What’s more, it is a totally free software which allows you to restore the lost files within a few mouse clicks.
In addition to recover files from SanDisk SD card, the freeware also supports to recover files from other types of memory cards and storage devices.

SanDisk SD Card Recovery Options
Undelete SD card free
SanDisk SD card recovery software provides the deleted file recovery option for data recovery after deleting. Whatever you delete a photo or all files from the card, the freeware would help restore the lost data as long as you don’t overwrite the card. Overwriting means to the process you write new files to the SD card.

Format recovery on SD card
Formatting won’t do any harm to the SD card, but it can erase all data from an SD card. When we format a card, we usually regard the data inside as unimportant. However, everybody might make a mistake. If you mistakenly format an SD card which contains important data, SanDisk SD card recovery software supply you with the powerful format recovery option to unformat the SD card so that you can get back the important files.

Deep scan option for SD card errors and other unknown reasons
Unlike SD card deleting or formatting, it is more complex and difficult to restore data from SD card errors. SD card errors include: not formatted error, raw file system, SD card not recognized, etc. When a memory card says such kind of errors or data become inaccessible without any reason, many data recovery software is unable to recognize the card or find out the data. However, SanDisk SD card recovery software allows you to perform a deep scan on the card so as to search for and locate the files, and finally restore and save them.

Wizard to Restore Lost Files from SD Card
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second SD Card Recovery Freeware
1. You need to connect your card to a computer (had better connect it via a card reader). Download, install and boot the SanDisk SD card recovery software on the computer. Go to the proper recovery module according to the data loss situation.

2. Click on the SD card drive letter and Recover button, after which you will see the software start scanning your SD card for lost files.

3. Choose the partitions to show all the found files after scanning. Then select the file and click Preview button to preview it with original size and quality.

4. Tick the files you need and click Recover button to save those selected files (not save them to the original SD card).


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