Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Data Recovery from Blackberry Phone – Recover Photos Videos Music from Blackberry Phone

Undelete Files from Blackberry

Delete important files on your Blackberry when you just want to delete some not so nice ones?
Or delete files from the Blackberry phone when it is connected to your PC?
Or delete files from Blackberry phone when you want to copy them but instead you mistakenly hit the Cut button?
Or delete files from Blackberry phone because you thought they are not important, but later you find you still need those deleted files

You can use Blackberry recovery software to undelete any file like photos, videos, music etc from Blackberry phone when you encounter with any situation above.
Keep reading - >> Let us learn more about the data loss situation and the software. 

What Does It Mean to You When You Delete Files from Blackberry Phone? 
It means all the files are invisible but not gone forever. It seems like that somebody hides a book in your room. Although you cannot see the book, as long as it is still in the room, you can finally find it out. 

Things you need to do to increase the chance of data recovery
Don’t attempt to add more data to the Blackberry phone for the purpose of getting back the deleted files.
Better stop using the Blackberry phone in case of overwriting the data.
Perform the data recovery as soon as possible. The less time you waste, the more opportunity you will get to retrieve the erased files.

More Reasons for Data Los from Blackberry Phone
Reset Blackberry phone and format the memory card inserted in the phone?
Memory card on the Blackberry phone shows not formatted error?
Memory card is showing RAW file system?
Data on the Blackberry phone is inaccessible?
Memory card cannot be detected or be recognized?
All these are possible causes for data loss from Blackberry phone, while the reasons for these errors are various like virus attaches and improper operation and more.

Freeware for Data Recovery from Blackberry Phone
First Blackberry Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Blackberry Phone Recovery Freeware
Below is the step by step wizard on how to recover lost files from Blackberry phone.
Step1, connect your Blackberry phone or memory card to a computer. Then Install the program in order to recover files from the phone. Select a proper recovery module for lost data recovery.
Step2, select the Blackberry phone or memory care, and then click Recover button to scan for the lost files.
Step3, preview the found photos and videos.
Step4, recover and save the found files to another storage media.

Features of Blackberry Recovery Tool
Blackberry recovery tool has more features.
Lost music from Android phone like Nokia, Sony and more?
Delete important documents from computer hard drive?
One solution to solve the problem above – Blackberry recovery software!


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