Monday, July 15, 2013

Blackberry Photo Recovery - Free to Recover Photos from Blackberry Smartphone

Help! Need Photo Recovery from Blackberry Phone

There are many causes that would cause photo loss from a Blackberry mobile phone. For example, 
* deleting one or all photos from your blackberry phone when you are viewing files
* Formatting the blackberry phone or the memory card inside the blackberry phone because you press the wrong button
* Not formatted error on blackberry mobile phone
* RAW file system due to virus attack or Trojan
* When connect blackberry phone to your PC, Windows refuses to recognize it
* Memory card inserted in the blackberry stops working because of bad sectors
* More unknown causes

You can Perform Blackberry Photos Recovery with Blackberry Recovery Tools
When photos get lost from the blackberry cell phone, you can use blackberry recovery software. It is an easy-to-use, reliable and powerful blackberry photo recovery programs which is able to recover deleted photos as well as other types of files including videos, audio files, music, office files, etc.

First Blackberry Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second Blackberry Recovery Freeware

With blackberry recovery software, you can perform blackberry photo recovery within three steps.
Firstly, download and launch the software and select the recovery module
Then, select the blackberry phone and perform scanning
Three, preview and store the recovered files to another storage device

Although blackberry recovery software is specialized in data recovery from blackberry cell phone, it can also recover lost files from other storage devices including hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, external hard drive, memory stick, memory card, iPod, iPhone, and digital cameras and so on. As a freeware, blackberry recovery software is undoubtedly the best choice for any user who needs data recovery when it gets lost due to known or unknown reasons.

Keep the Best Chances for Blackberry Photo Recovery
You may still wonder why lost photos can be recovered from blackberry phone. As a matter of fact, when data on the blackberry got lost, it doesn’t mean that those photos are lost forever. They are still intact stored on the original place, but the system marks them as deleted and inaccessible. Because of this, you must follow some points to keep the best chances for your blackberry photo recovery.

1. Stop using the blackberry phone or the memory card inside the phone
2. Take out the memory card from blackberry phone and connect it to a PC through card reader
3. Never add new files to the blackberry phone or memory card before data is recovered
4. When you perform data recovery, don’t save the recovered files to the original place
5. If memory card shows not formatted error, don’t format it before you perform data recovery

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