Thursday, May 9, 2013

Memory Card Not Formatted Error Fixing Free

Format Required on Memory Card, Format It or Not?

It seems like that my 8GB Kingston memory card is corrupted after I switch off my Canon digital camera with the memory card in. My camera had some problem this morning, so I turned off the camera and reinsert the memory card in. However, camera says card not formatted, format this card with this camera when I turned on the camera again. I need all the photos on the memory card, so I can’t format it. How can get back my photos without formatting the memory card?

Memory card not formatted error is annoying especially you want to access important files on the card. Fortunately, not formatted error can be fixed with some method. The memory card not formatted error message can pop up when the card is not properly inserted into the camera. If the memory card shows not formatted error on a computer, it may be caused by the USB port on your computer has become faulty. Besides, memory card physical damage can also cause the card shows not formatted error.

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How to Troubleshoot Memory Card Not Formatted Problem
If the memory card shows not formatted error is caused by some simple reasons like USB port wrong, you just need to change the other USB port. If the memory card still doesn’t work, you can change another computer. If the methods above are not available, you must make sure if your memory card is physically damaged. If so, you have to change a new memory card and the data on the memory card may never come back. If what mentioned above are not the reasons for memory card not formatted error, I think you should format the memory card to fix the error. However, data will lose after reformatting the memory card. So in this case, you need to use memory card recovery software to get back the data from the card. The most important thing for you is that you must perform data recovery first before you format the memory card. Otherwise, you will lose the chance to restore data.  If you still haven’t found a reliable memory card recovery program, you can visit freeware for memory card recovery to search for a good one and learn how to use the software.


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