Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Freeware for Format Recovery: Recover Deleted Files due to Formatting

1. Carelessly format the memory card

As the development of digital products, many mobile phones and cameras have the same functions like a computer. You can not only delete data from these digital products, but also you can perform a formatting. Sometimes, you may press the wrong button carelessly when you are taking a picture with your digital camera or reading some other information from your mobile phone. As far as I know, a careless formatting is the most common possibility for data loss.

2. Need to Change FAT file system to NTFS file system by Formatting
FAT file system and NTFS files system are the two regular file systems that can be recognized by Windows system. Nowadays, NTFS file system is more widely used because it is more convenient and has a higher performance. Therefore, you may need to format the partition to convert it from FAT to NTFS file system. However, what if you didn’t backup the data on the partition you format? No matter you perform a quick format or a full format; all the data will also be lost once you start the formatting. 

3. Windows Shows RAW File System and Asks you to format the drive
RAW file system is a Windows error when you try to access the data inside a drive. It may show "disk in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?", "memory card not formatted error" and "the property shown as 0 byte" and more. When the drive becomes RAW, what should you do? Formatting the drive but loss all the files inside? Or not formatting the drive but have no way to access the data inside? 

What Will You Lose after Formatting?
As we know, it is not possible that you only save some pictures in a memory card, or only save some videos in a computer hard disk. You may also store many other documents, music, AVI files and images and more to a memory card or a hard drive. When you format a partition, all these files are gone. Is it possible to recover all the lost files with any method? Absolutely, format recovery software enables you to free recover any data after formatting. In such a way, you won’t lose any data since format recovery software can help you get back all of them.

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