Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Can I Recover Deleted Files from CF Card?

Data Loss from CF Card due to Deleting

I deleted files from my CF card, is it possible to recover them?
You can see many similar such kind of questions online. Almost every CF card user meets this problem occasionally, but few of them know how to solve the problem. So this article will show you how to recover the deleted data from a CF card.

First important thing to restore deleted files from a CF card is to make sure not overwrite the lost data. Generally, lost data can be overwritten by adding new files or reformatting the card.
Another important thing to ensure the success of deleted data recovery is to get a reliable CF card recovery tool. CF card recovery software promises you a good capability to restore any type of lost files such as pictures, images, videos, office files and more. The software also promises you that it is completely free, which suits for all brands of CF memory cards.

What Do You Need to Prepare?
To recover lost files with CF card recovery software, you need to prepare a computer with which you can download and install the software. Besides, it will be better if you can also prepare a card reader with which you can connect the CF card to the computer. If you don’t have a card reader, you can also use a USB cable, but card reader is most highly recommended.

How to Recover Deleted Files from CF Card?
First CF Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second CF Card Recovery Freeware

Once you have prepared those things, you can install the software and begin recovering lost data from the card. The software has different recovery modules; you can select a proper one according to the instructions on the software. After you select the recovery module, you will see the software display your CF card as a drive. You only need to select the drive and the software will scan it for lost files automatically. After scanning, a partition list which contains all found partitions will display. You can choose those partitions to view the found files. If the files are the ones you deleted from your CF card, select and save them to your computer’s hard drive. If the files are not the ones you want to recover, go back and try to use the software again.


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