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Accidentally Formatted by SD Card in Samsung Galaxy Note

Can You Recover Files after Formatted by SD Card in Samsung Galaxy Note?

Samsung Galaxy Note is a type of smartphone of Samsung Electronics. Although Samsung Galaxy Note usually has a certain memory inside, users would like to insert an SD card or other types of memory card in the phone to store more data. If you accidentally format the SD card in your Samsung Galaxy Note, everything inside will be erased at once. Can you retrieve the files after formatted by SD card in the Samsung Galaxy Note?
The answer is positive! Now, you should do the following things ->>
1. Take out the SD card from your Samsung phone
2. Insert the card to a card reader and plug the card reader into the USB port of a PC
3. Search for a data recovery tool to perform lost file recovery

SD Card Format Situations
Perhaps, you have never thought that you will need any data recovery software for formatted SD card recovery in your Samsung Galaxy Note since you always believe that you will never be too careless to format the SD card due to mistake. Maybe you can always be careful when you handle the Samsung Galaxy Note, but do you think the SD card can only be formatted by mistake?

In fact, there is another situation that will force you to format the SD card. What is this situation? It is SD card error! The SD card error often include:
* SD card not formatted error
* SD Card is not accessible or readable
* When you want to save data to the card, it says SD card is full though there are still much free space

When you meet the situation above, usually it will advice you to format the SD card. The correct solution is to stop using the card immediately. Therefore, no mater how careful you are, once you run into the SD card error you will need the data recovery software to get back the data.

How to Recover Data from SD Card in Samsung Galaxy Note?
Even if you know lost data can be recovered with data recovery software, things don’t come to an end. It is essential to pick up a good program and know how to use it. This article will share you two free and reliable data recovery programs (Samsung recovery software), with either of which you can get back lost files effectively and simply.
Samsung recovery software can directly recover files from any Samsung device including Samsung Galaxy Note and unformat the SD card inserted in the Samsung phone. To perform data recovery with Samsung recovery software, you need to connect the card and install the software to your computer.

Other Situations That Need Samsung Galaxy Note Data Recovery
Users might run into other situations that need Samsung Galaxy Note data recovery.
For example,
When you connect the SD card to the PC, it says SD card can’t be detected or recognized.
Windows refuses to open the SD card on My Computer since it says bad sectors.
The file type of the SD card is saying RAW.

About Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android smartphone, which was released by Samsung Electronics in 2011. Saying from the Size, Samsung Galaxy Note is between Tab and smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note runs Android OS 2.3, which supports 3G video call, WiFi/ wapi, A-GPS, etc.  

Price: £427
Description: GALAXY Note II's 5.5" HD super AMOLED screen offers better clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio - perfecting all viewing experiences. The innovative design of the GALAXY Note II includes a bigger screen while maintaining a slim body to fit just right in your hand.

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