Monday, May 13, 2013

External Hard Drive Is Not Recognized by Any Computer

What’s Wrong That External Hard Drive Is Not Recognized by Any Computer?

Situation1: My Maxtor external harddrive is only shown under Disk Management but I can see it on My Computer. There is no drive letter for the external hard drive under Disk Management and the only option for the external hard drive is check its properties. What is wrong with the external hard drive? Is there any way that I can use to fix the problem without losing data?

Situation2: I need help to get back the data from an inaccessible and uninitialized external hard drive. I can see the external hard drive on My Computer, but when I try to open it, a dialog box pops up that the drive is uninitialized. I have tried every method to access the external hard drive but it doesn’t work. I don’t care the external hard drive but I can’t afford to lose all files from the drive. Can somebody give me some advices?

Situation3: I have a 250GB Toshiba external hard drive which has been connected to my computer for the last a few years. However, the drive can’t be read by my computer suddenly when I was writing some data to it. I don’t want to fix the external hard drive but I need help to recover data from the external hard drive with step-by-step wizard.

Is there Any Solution for External Hard Drive Recovery?
Solution for data recovery from unrecognized or inaccessible external hard drive is easy as long as you haven’t written any new data to the external hard drive since you found the problem. You only need to use external driverecovery software. This software is free, with which you can restore any kind of file from all brands of external hard drives. This software is also very easy to handle. It can enable you to recover lost files only within about 3 simple steps.


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