Thursday, July 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy SD card Not Formatted Error

Why Does a Samsung Galaxy SD Card Show Not Formatted Error?
The SD card in your Samsung Galaxy stops working without any attention, and when you connect it to your PC and try to access the data on the card, you will get an error message to ask you to format the SD card before you can use it. Usually, we call it SD card not formatted error. Then why does the Samsung Galaxy SD card show not formatted error? Is there Samsung galaxy data recovery software that enables you to get back all lost data from the inacessible SD card?

If the SD card works perfectly on your Samsung Galaxy, but you cannot open or access it on your computer, you had better try to connect the SD card to another computer to check if there is something wrong with your PC. If are sure that there is nothing wrong with your PC and it works fine, your SD card may have following problems including bad sectors, virus infection, etc, which are the possible reasons for not formatted error on your SD memory card.

Whatever the reason is! You only need to make sure one thing: is the SD card physically damaged? If the SD card is physically damaged, unfortunately you have to change a new SD card and you are unable to get back the lost data any more. If the SD card is not physically damaged, congratulations! You only need to do two things to fix the SD card not formatted error without data loss: recover data from SD card and format the SD card.

Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy SD Card Which Shows Not Formatted Error
When PC asks you to format the SD card, don’t hurry to format the card but the first thing you should do is to recover data from the SD card. To recover lost data, you need to use professional SD card recovery software. You can select a proper one from the following download link and then download and install the selected software on your PC.

First SD Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
The Second SD Card Recovery Freeware

The SD card recovery software recommended here are both free and professional data recovery programs which can be compatible with Windows operating system. After installing the software on your PC, you CAN use it to scan the SD card and then restore all lost files.

Format the SD Card to Fix Not Formatted Error
After the data has been restored from the SD card, you need to save them to other storage device. When you go back to open the SD card on your computer, it will still ask you to format the card if you want to use it. Since the important files have been recovered, you can format the SD card to fix the not formatted error.

When you try to format the SD card, you can directly right click on the SD card and select "Format" option to format the card. If the formatting fails with this method, you can follow this way to format the SD card: right click on "My Computer", choose "Management", and then click "Disk Management", finally you can see the SD card shown as a external device and you can right click on the card and format it here.

Format Tool to Format SD Card Easily
Usually, you can format the SD card and fix the not formatted error successfully with the method above. However, if you fail to format the card since it says the disk drive can’t be formatted, you can go to check and fix the bad sectors on the SD card.

Follow this way to fix the bad sectors =>>
Open "My Computer" ->> right click on the SD card and choose "Properties" ->> Tools ->> Check Now ->> tick "Automatically fix the file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" ->> Start.

After fixing the bad sector, if your SD card still shows not formatted error and doesn’t allow you to access it, you can use professional format tool to format the SD card. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is a professional disk format tool which can not only format USB drive, but also format other removable device including SD card.


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