Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photo Recovery – Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from Memory Card USB Hard Drive and External

Lost Photos from Digital Camera? Photo Recovery Software Is Your Best Choice for Photo Recovery

Lost photos from your digital camera like Sony, Cannon, Nikon, FujiFilm, Panasonic, etc?
No matter how the photos got lost, photo recoverysoftware is able to help you find and free recover all the lost photos from any brand of digital camera.

Things you need to know
Not all lost photos are recoverable with photo recovery software if you have added new data to the camera after data loss. Why? Because when you write new files to the camera, the new added data will occupy the place where stored the lost photos. Actually, when the photos get lost from a digital camera, they are erased completely but still be stored there. Therefore, the most important point for lost photo recovery is to make sure the lost data not to be overwritten.

Now you are here and one more thing you need to know is that you had better take out the memory card from your digital camera when photos got lost.

Recover Lost Photos from All Storage Devices due to Any Case
In addition to losing photos from digital camera, there are more causes to make you suffer from photo loss from other storage devices. Besides, there are various to get you into photo loss problem.

When you are viewing photos on your computer, you might delete them all of a sudden by opting for wrong options.
When you transfer data from your flash drive to another storage device, the transferring process might fail due to unknown reasons and photos will get lost.
When you connect your memory card to a PC, it might show not formatted error and cause your precious photos to be lost due to the memory card error.
If you run into any case above, photo recovery software is capable of restoring all the lost photos within a few steps as long as the lost photos are not overwritten.

In a word, with photo recovery software, you can restore photos from memory card, flash drive, external hard drive, hard drive, memory stick, etc when photos are deleted; storage devices are formatted or have errors like not formatted error, bad sectors, data error, write/read error, and more.

First Photo Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Photo Recovery Freeware
Photo Recovery Software Features
Free: the photo recovery software is totally free for scanning, previewing and recovering files.
Flexible: you can stop at any time during the scanning process, after which you can also find out the lost photos.
Preview: after scanning, you can preview the found photos so that you can confirm if the photos are the ones you want to recover and evaluate their quality.
Categorize result: all found files will be categorized automatically according to the format, which make it easy and convenient to find and recover the files you want.


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