Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Get Data off an External Hard Drive When It Can’t Be Detected?

Why Can’t External Hard Drive Be Detected on Computer?

When I plug my Seagate external hard drive in a PC, it doesn’t show up on My Computer. But I can still find it shown as a drive on Disk Management. However, I can’t open the drive. When I right click on the drive, the only option I get is to format the drive. I want to get data off the external hard drive. How can I do it? Can somebody tell me why can’t my external hard drive be detected on my computer?

First of all, many factors can cause an external hard drive to be not detected on a computer.
For example,
If your computer or the external hard drive is infected with virus or Trojan
If there are bad sectors on the external hard drive,
If the external hard drive is damaged
If the external hard drive is not compatible with the computer
If there is data error on the external hard drive

All mentioned above are the possibilities for external hard drive can not bedetected problem

How to Get off Data When External Hard Drive Can’t Be Detected?
Since external hard drive not detected problem can be caused by many reasons, you had better try to plug it in another computer to see if the same problem still exists. If so, you can use external drive recovery tools to perform a deep scan on the external hard drive, after which you can easily restore all the lost files.

Since the data is recoverable with external drive recovery tools, it is necessary and important to select a reliable and useful one. External drive recovery software can scan your external hard drive to find out all the files and keep a safe environment for your lost data because the software is clean and 100% free from any spyware.
If you are interested in this program, you can free download it and follow the step-by-step wizard to restore the lost files from your external hard drive when it can’t be detected by computer.

Similar Situations like External Hard Drive Not Detected
The reason why external drive not detected problem is so terrible is that you can’t access any data from the drive. In fact, there are also some other similar situations like external hard drive not detected problem which can cause data to be inaccessible.
1. Not formatted error on external hard drive
2. External drive shows raw file system
3. Write/Read error on the drive
4. External drive not recognized problem


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