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CF Card Recovery – Recover Files from Formatted or Deleted CF Card

Have you ever formatted your CF card accidentally with precious data stored on it? Or maybe you ever deleted all the photos from CF card without backup? When files get lost after format or delete, the data is not wiped off permanently, so you still have chance to get back the lost files. In order to ensure you have the best chance to restore the lost photos successfully, stopping adding any new files to the CF card.

Free Recover Files from CF Card
To recover lost files after format or delete, you just need to use free CF card recovery software.
The CF card recovery software is able to help you free recover any data including music, photos, AVI files, MP4 videos and images and so on. In addition, the recovery software is available for data recovery due to any situation.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
4Card Recovery - recover the most files from card/usb

recover photos video files off memory card, usb flash when raw
 How to use: memory card recovery tutorials

iCare Data Recovery Standard
powerful hard disk rescue utility
How to use:
best disk recovery software for step by step guide

Stellar Windows Data Recovery
Another chance for you to recover data from raw disk

How to use: Windows data recovery steps

CF Card not Formatted Error
CF card not formatted error is a wrong Windows message when you want to access the data inside. If you connect your CF card to a PC, the Windows will always ask "CF card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" Or you may get message like CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives. When you meet such error message, just ignore it and try to recover the data inside by downloading any software recommended above. After data recovery, you can save them to any other storage media and format the CF card. 

Change RAW to FAT32 on CF Card
It is FAT32 file system before but the CF card becomes RAW without any reason? What is worse, all important data are inside the CF card but no way to access them? How to change RAW to FAT32 on CF card? For the series of problems, you can solve them using one solution – data recovery. 

Tips to Prevent Data Loss
1. Backup data in your memory card. Backup data especially important data in your memory card is one of the most important methods to avoid data loss. You can backup them to your computer hard disk.
2. Avoid storing all important files into one memory card. Try to store different files to several memory cards. In such a way, even if you meet data loss due to any reason, you won’t lose all files and it will also be effective to recover data.
3. Avoid buying cheap memory card. Cheap memory card often has a low quality that is easily to damage or corrupt. Once your memory card is physically damaged, the chance to recover data is low to none. 

Related Information on CF Card Recovery
1. I mistakenly deleted several important pictures from my CF card. I realized the mistake immediately and used a memory card recovery tool. I waited for nearly two hours to scan my card for lost files. However, I didn’t find the pictures I deleted. Instead, I found some unnecessary data while some of them cannot be previewed.

2. I need an unformat tool to recover some pictures and videos from my CF card. I formatted my CF card on my camera. When I realized that I press the wrong button, I turned off my camera and took out the card. Then I reboot my camera but it says there is no memory card. So I connected my card to my PC to see what is wrong. But Windows system pops an error message: disk in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now.

The similar questions like above can be often found on forum. For the first case, probably, the user doesn’t find a good recovery tool. Although there are lots of data recovery tools in market, not all of them are as good as they claim to be. For the second case, the reason why the user receive not formatted error message on CF card is that he perform a format on his card when it was inserted in camera. Since he stopped formatting the card before it is complete, the system will recognize the card as an unformatted card and requires formatting.

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