Thursday, July 11, 2013

Freeware for TF Card Format Recovery - Recover Data from TF Card after Format or Format Error

Are You Searching for a Solution for Formatted TF Card Recovery?

If you are searching for an effective solution for formatted TF card data recovery, the first thing you need to do is to avoid the TF card from any physical damage. If the TF card is damaged, everything you do will become invalid. Besides, any new data is not allowed to be added to the TF card. Don’t worry! You can continue to use the TF card to save more data once the lost files have been restored. Reformatting the TF card is not allowed since it may make the lost data be erased completely and permanently. If lost data has been erased completely and permanently, you will lose the chance for data recovery forever.

TF Card Recovery Software Free Download
After formatting TF card, you should stop using the card and connect it to a PC. Why should you do so? Because you need to perform the TF card format recovery as soon as possible for more chance to get back more data. Now, free download the TF card recovery software and you can unformat TF card within a few steps in a short time. The software enables you to finish the whole data recovery process by scanning, previewing and saving the lost files. You are able to restore any file like images, audio files, songs, movies and more after formatting the TF memory card.
First TF Card Recovery Freeware (:Recommend)
Don’t Format the TF Card When It Shows Not Formatted Error
Not formatted error on TF card is a system error which will ask you to formatthe card when you want to access it. No matter how you want to access the data on the TF card; please not to format it if you don’t lose the data inside. It is absolutely correct that you will be allowed to open the TF card after formatting. But when you open the card, everything inside is lost. The card is shown as an empty one and the data has been lost due to formatting. If you have formatted the card, the data recovery will become difficult or impossible.

Why Can You Unformat TF Card with TF Card Recovery Software?
When you format the TF card, the data won’t be erased from the card. You just delete its name after formatting. So, with TF card recovery software you can restore the lost files. The TF card recovery software is designed to scan deep inside the card to find out every piece of lost files.


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