Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Can You Retrieve Deleted Photos from Micro SD Card in Windows 7?

Need Help Because Micro SD Card Photos Are Deleted
Common case: I have stored more than 1000 pictures on my micro SD card. But I deleted about 600 pictures from the card just now. So I want to know if it is possible to undelete pictures from micro SD card.

Many devices like mobile phone, digital camera, MP3 player need to be inserted a memory card in order to store data because those devices only include a limited amount of internal memory. Micro SD card is just one type of memory card, which can be used in all of those devices. Using a micro SD card, you can transfer data between your card and other storage media easily. However, when you are using a micro SD card, you may delete important files such as precious photos from the card. If you need to retrieve deleted photos from a micro SD card, you may need to insert the card to a computer.

Retrieve Micro SD Card Deleted Photos in Windows 7
There is no need to panic when photos are deleted from micro SD card, because the photos are not deleted permanently. Those photos still remain inside the micro SD card but the name and path to those photos are deleted, so you cannot see those photos, nor access them. Therefore, you will need to use a data recovery tool to get back the deleted photos.
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If your computer is running Windows 7 operating system, you need to use a data recovery program which can be compatible with Windows 7. Windows 7 recovery software can work perfect on Windows OS to help you restore deleted photos within a few steps. You can refer to windows 7 file recovery to learn the step-by-step wizard on deleted photo recovery under Windows 7 operating system.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

Tips on Deleted Photo Restore
* Stop writing additional data to the micro SD card when photos have been deleted
* Avoid saving recovered data to the original micro SD card
* In order to prevent photos from being deleted by mistake, you had better backup all of all photos on your micro SD card
* Don’t remove micro SD card from digital camera, mobile phone or computer abruptly
* Don’t turn off the computer or plug out the micro SD card when you are transferring data from micro SD card to your computer


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