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Recover Deleted Files from Micro SD Card under Windows

Need Help with Micro SD Card Deleted File Recovery

Every person may mistakenly delete files from their micro SD card or other kinds of storage devices, so do I. Yesterday, I was watching movies on my Samsung Galaxy S2, and then I incorrectly deleted the movie from the micro SD card which has been inserted in the Samsung all the time. Every piece of data I save to the Samsung mobile phone is stored on the micro SD card, so I really feel upset after deleting the files since they are quite important to me.

However, I was lucky enough because I found the best method to undelete micro SD card and get back all deleted files. So I will share my experience on how to recover the deleted files from micro SD card. If you also need help with micro SD card deleted file recovery, you can keep reading.

My Experience on Data Recovery after Deleting

Luck Is Not on My Side at Beginning
After I deleted the movie from my micro SD card, I quickly turned on my computer and tried to look for a method on Google. I also post my question on different forums, but luck is not always on my side. It took me more than two hours to search online, but I didn’t find out a useful solution. Believe or not, when I felt so frustrated and just wanted to give up, somebody on forum answered my question and gave me some suggestions. Hopelessly, I tried his method but I didn’t think it can help me.

Firstly, I Connect My Micro SD Card to My Computer

Generally speaking, the friend on the forum advised me to use a micro SD card recovery tool to restore the deleted files from my micro SD card. So I connected my micro SD card to my computer and download the software he recommended to me. I have never done a thing so carefully because I was afraid that the files are unrecoverable due to any tiny mistake. I used a card reader to plug the SD card to the computer which runs Windows operating system and the OS can recognize the SD card normally as an external drive.

Then Amazingly, All Data Is Recovered in a Short Time
After the micro SD card is connected to the computer normally, I run the micro SD card recovery software and begin to perform deleted file recovery. At the beginning, I was still worried that the software is difficult to handle since I don’t have any technology on data recovery. However, when the software is launched, I see different recovery modules and it gives detailed instructions on which recovery module you should choose based on different data loss scenarios. After selecting the recovery module, the software will scan the connected micro SD card automatically. When the scanning process is over, I find all lost data and recover them. When I get back the deleted files with original quality, I am so amazed.

Now, Free Download the Micro SD Card Recovery Software
Both of software recommended here are clean and reliable. You can not only free download the software, but also you can restore data with the software free of charge.
Learn how to perform deleted data recovery from micro SD card step by step
First SD Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Free Download Second SD Card Recovery Software

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

Advice for Deleted File Recovery
Well, it takes me more than two hours to look for a method, but I spend less than one hour to restore all deleted files. Therefore, according to my personal experience, I have some advices for deleted file recovery.
1. It is better to connect the micro SD card via a card reader instead of a USB cable.
2. It is not allowed to write new data to the card before data recovery.
3. It usually takes a long time to scan the micro SD card for lost files, but in fact you don’t need to wait the scanning process to be finished, instead, you can stop the scanning process several minutes after the scanning process is begun.
4. When the deleted files are found, you cannot save them to the original micro SD card.


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