Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Format Recovery Software for Windows 7

Although more and more people prefer to install Windows 7 operating system on their computer, it is still difficult for them to look for a format recovery software that can work on Windows 7 properly. So this page will tell a useful and reliable format recovery software for Windows 7 users, with which they are able to recover any data after formatting.

Professional Format Recovery Software for Windows
Referring to professional and good format recovery software for Windows 7, data recovery software is widely used by many Windows PC users to recover files after formatting. This software has a clean interface and user-friendly. When you run the software, you can see different recovery modules on its main interface. To recover data after formatting, you can follow the steps below.

Step1. Run the data recovery software and choose "Format Recovery" module.
Step2. Choose the formatted partition and click "Recover" button.
Step3. Click the files to preview after scanning.
Step4. Choose the files and click "Save Files" button to recover them.

Recover Formatted Partition on Windows 7
Usually, there are several partitions on a Windows 7 computer. You may format a Windows 7 partition due to mistake or other reasons. It is true that you may feel quite upset when partition is formatted because you don’t backup the partition. Considering most people don’t like to backup data from a partition because they often believe that data is always safe on a Windows partition, data recovery software is specially designed for users who want to recover data after formatting.

Recover Data from Formatted Card, USB or External Drive
If you want to recover data after formatting a memory card, USB flash drive or external hard drive, data recovery software is also helpful. This software can not only work on hard drive, but also it is able to recover data from almost all types of storage devices. You just need to connect the formatted device to your Windows 7 computer and data recovery software can recognize the device properly as long as it can be recognized as an external device on your computer. The software supports to recover files from formatted SD card, XD card, CF card, flash drive and portable hard disk.

Since memory card is often used on a digital camera or cell phone, you should remember not to take more files to the card after formatting to avoid the card from being overwritten. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you to take your memory card out of digital camera or cell phone and put it in a safe place. To recover data from formatted flash drive or external hard drive, it is also important to protect the device from being overwritten or suffering physical damage.

Possible Situations That You May Format Windows 7 Partition
1. Format partition by accident
If you often use computer, you will know that there is a "Format" option when you right click the partition in "My Computer". In fact, when you right click a partition, there are many other options like "Copy", "Paste", "Rename" and more. Probably, you just want to select another option, but mistakenly you select the "Format" option. To be honest, this situation seldom occur because even if you select the "Format" option, Windows won’t begin to format the partition before you click "OK" button to confirm. However, any way, some Windows users still make such kind of mistake sometimes.

2. Format a partition to NTFS from FAT or RAW file system
Sometimes, you may want to format the partition from FAT to NTFS but you forget to backup data. In addition, when partition has RAW file system, you will be unable to access the partition, so you need to format the partition from RAW to NTFS so that you can access it.

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