Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recover Data from RAW Partition Windows 7

CHKDSK shows RAW drive error on partition? How can you recover data from a RAW partition on Windows 7? Most users are unfamiliar with RAW file system on a disk partition, so they often don’t know how to recover a RAW partition. In fact, files are still recoverable even if a partition has changed its file system to RAW.

Free Recover Data from RAW Partition Windows 7

Free download Windows 7 Recovery Software to recover data off disk partition on Windows 7 OS when the partition is inaccessible or unreadable due to RAW file system.

In order to recover data from a RAW disk partition on Windows 7, data recovery software is often the best choice. You may free download Windows7 recovery software to restore data from the disk partition which shows RAW file system. Windows 7 recovery software is capable of recovering different kinds of files such as pictures, music, videos, documents, etc. When you succeed in retrieving all lost files from the RAW partition, you can format the partition to change its file system back to NTFS or FAT32.

Possible Reasons for RAW Drive

If any of the situations below occurs, it might cause raw file system.
  1. If you just reinstalled your operating system and found several partitions shown as unformatted, the file system of these partitions might be exFAT. The operating system hasn’t update in time, so it doesn’t support the new exFAT file system.
  2.  If you click on the partition which shows raw file system and find it work slowly, the partition might has bad sectors.
  3. If the partition shows not formatted error and raw file system suddenly without any reason, the file system structure might be damaged.
  4. If a USB flash drive or a memory card shows not formatted error and raw file system, you should right click on My Computer, and then go to Disk Management to see if the status of the flash drive or memory card is healthy. If you can not find the memory card or flash drive shown as a drive under Disk Management, it might be hardware problem.

Raw Drive & Not Formatted Error

Referring to RAW drive error, it is often related to other two kinds of problems. Usually, when you find a disk is shown as RAW drive, you can also find its capacity is marked as 0 byte and the data on the disk becomes inaccessible. Once we try to access the data inside, the Windows will pop up not formatted error message "you need to format disk in drive before you can use it". As we know, data will lose after format, so we cannot click "Yes" to format it. If we click "No", we still will be refused to access the data inside.

Pay attention: When Windows 7 operating system asks you to format the partition, you should run Windows 7 recovery software first if you don’t want to lose data stored on the partition.

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