Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Fix PC That Cannot Boot from Windows

It is a common problem for PC users that their computers cannot boot. If you don’t have related experience and knowledge, you may have no idea what to do to fix such kind of problem. As a matter of fact, many reasons can prevent your PC from booting from Windows. As long as you know the reasons why your PC cannot boot, you may find it easy to resolve the problem. Therefore, on this page, we will introduce some but not all possible reasons why PC cannot boot. And we will also share the solutions to resolve such kind of problem so that you will no longer feel frustrating and upset when encountering the similar problem again.

Possible Reasons and Solutions
1. When you press the power button, your PC has no response. In this situation, there must be something wrong with the power supply. You can unplug the power cord and check if it is damaged or has any other problems.

2. Check if there is something with motherboard
If your computer displays nothing on monitor, it might be caused by motherboard damage, which leads the BIOS to be destroyed. Usually, if BIOS has been destroyed, all data stored on the hard disk will be lost.

3. System cannot boot due to mouse fault
System cannot recognize hard disk and enter the operating system, you cannot enter the "Safe Mode" either. In this situation, you can reboot your computer and press F8. Then, you can select "Loggen ( Bootlog.txt)", you will find that you still cannot boot the PC. Now, you can go to C drive and open "Bootlog.txt". Finally, you can remove the mouse and reboot the system.

4. PC cannot boot caused by partition table error.
5. Hardware and software are incompatible.
6. If hard disk has lots of bad sectors, it may also stop your PC from booting normally.

7. Virus infection
When PC is infected with virus, PC might stop working normally cannot booting normally. Virus infection is often a big disaster for PC users, which can not only corrupt computer but also corrupt or delete important data stored on the computer. Therefore, it is often recommended PC users to install anti-virus software to protect PC from being attacked by virus.

Data Recovery on PC Hard Disk
When PC cannot boot from Windows, it may also cause data loss. In some situations, the lost data might be unrecoverable. However, in some cases, files are still recoverable with a third-party datarecovery program. For example, if Windows cannot recognize hard disk partition due to bad sectors, you can use data recovery software to restore data from thedisk partition.

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