Friday, May 8, 2015

How to Unformat a Memory Card

"Just now, I inserted my memory card to my Android phone and connected it to my computer because I wanted to transfer some data from hard disk to the memory card. However, Windows 7 system asks me to format the memory card when I attempted to access the card. What will happen if I format the card? How to unformat the memory card and get back lost files if I format the card to fix not formatted error? What should I do to access files on the card without formatting?"

Solution to Unformat Memory Card
Usually, it is recommended not to format a memory card when it requires formatting. However, if you have formatted the card by mistake, you still have a chance to unformat the card as long as you have not written new data to the card. To unformat a memory card, you need to use data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery Software, which is able to recoverall types of files such as pictures, videos, music, etc off SD card, XD card, formatted CF card, MMC and more. This data recovery software is a read-only recovery tool which helps restore data without modifying any information or having any hurt to the memory card 

If you need to recover data off formatted memory card, you can follow the steps below:
Step1. Plug the memory card to your computer through a card reader. Then, download and install iCare Data Recovery Software on the computer. Run the software and choose a recovery module.
Step2. Select the memory card as target device and then the software will scan it. You only need to patiently when the software is scanning.
Step3. You can preview files like pictures and documents when the scanning is completed. Then, you can save the files you need to another storage media.

Memory Card Not Formatted Solution
As the case mentioned above, when memory card asks to be formatted, many people will think that they can get back lost files as long as they can fix the error. As a matter of fact, the correct solution for fixing not formatted error without data loss is to perform data recovery first and then to format the memory card. In the other words, you may lose the chance to get back lost files if you format the unformatted memory card first of all before getting back what you need.

Data Recovery after Formatting Memory Card
Whether you use a mobile phone or digital camera, you may save data on a memory card. When you are viewing files on a memory card or when you insert the memory card to another new device, you may mistakenly format the card. Formatting can erase the whole memory card and mark the space as empty so that it can be used for new data storage, but the truth is that formatting does not erase everything permanently and completely. Therefore, after formatting a memory card, you should avoid writing new data to the card and then you can use iCare Data Recovery Software to unformat the card and get back lost files after format.

Unformat Memory Card after Quick Format or Full Format
You may format a memory card in different situations. For instance, you may format your memory card in different devices. You might format the card in digital camera, mobile phone or any other device. You may also format a memory card when inserting it to a computer. When formatting a memory card on computer, you may perform quick format or full format. There are some difference between quick format and full format, but data is recoverable whether you quick format or full format your memory card.

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