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How to Cope with Very Hot Computer Hard Drive?

Your Hard Drive Gets Very Hot?

Hey, I have an internal HDD which is used on my Samsung laptop and recently get very hot. I know it is normal the drive does get some heat when it is in use. However, it just gets so hot that I am just afraid to continue using it for worrying it will get burned at any time. Can anyone explain to me why this happens? What am I supposed to do to fix this hot hard drive? Thank you very much in advance!
OK! Have you checked the laptop fan? Does the fan work well? Do you have any background processes that are still using this hot hard drive? Do not panic! Here are several reasons why people would get a overheated hard drive and related solutions. Hope they will help you out:

Why Does Your Internal Drive Get Hot or Overheated?

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few reasons that can bring people really hot computer HDD. Hope you can find yours:
1). Open too many programs, files or processes that are still using your drive.
Generally, the computer internal hard drive is often used to store and transfer computer data. When you are using your computer to surf the internet, play games, edit files or running other software, the computer is also reading or writing information on this selected internal hard drive. Just that data reading or writing process makes your computer hard drive heat up. Moreover, the more programs, files or processes you open at one time, the more possible your internal drive will become hotter and hotter. Therefore, do not running too many sites, software, files or games at the same time.
2). Computer fans or heat dissipation devices are damaged or broken somehow.
In fact, all computer hard disks generate heat when they are in use. But, not all of them will be overheated. Why? Many computers do have been designed with heat dissipation devices, like the internal fans. Therefore, when your computer fans or related heat dissipation devices are damaged or broken somehow, you also will face such extremely hot hard drive.
3). Dust
The heat can not only stay on the internal components of this hard drives and let it generate much more heat while it is running, and also will stop on the computer fans or other devices to negatively affect the smooth dissipation of generated heat. Overall, dust also could be one of the major reasons for a overheated drive. 

How to Fix Hot Hard Disk?

Have checked your computer hardware and hard drive yet? Find why you encounter this very hot hard drive? If not, you also can go try the below methods to fix this overheated hard drive issues.
1). End all Useless websites, programs or tools.
Is this hard drive still in use on your computer? Open many sites, programs, files and other tools there? Immediately close all useless ones, including some background process.
Please Note: In order to end the background processes that cannot be seen, you can go try this: Press "Ctrl +Alt+Delete" at the same time to open "Windows Task Manager" and then, click "Processes" tab to choose all unnecessary processes. And, at last, click "End Process" to close them all.
2). Check the computer fans or use an external fan/laptop desk 
In case of your overheated hard drive is caused by damaged dissipation devices, immediately check your computer fans or related devices carefully. If they are really damaged, merely change another now one for future use, like some external fans, laptop desk and other USB heat dissipation devices.
3). Keep your computer and hard drive cool all the time
Of course, if your computer fans or heat dissipation devices have no any problems, you are also supposed to keep your devices in cool place all the time. Do not let it expose to the strong light directly in hot summer. Do not put it in a place with high temperature.
4). Keep your computer and heat dissipation device clean all the time
Since the dust is also one of the reasons why people get hot hard drive, you’d better also regularly clean the computer components or external fans well to keep them all away from dust.
5). Monitor computer hard drive temperature
In daily use, in case of encountering similar overheating hard drive issues, also monitor computer drive temperature with special software or devices.

Useful Tips for Fixing Overheating Hard Drive Issues:

1). Extract data off from hard drive and back it all up well.
In case this computer hard drive will bedamaged seriously for too hot temperatures latter, you’d better extract all crucial or useful files, pictures, music, mails and other stuffs out from this hard drive and save them all on two or more drives or devices for backing up.
2). Recover important hard drive files with file data recovery software.
Have deleted very important hard drive files when trying to close some useless sites, files, programs and more mistakenly? Or computer hard drive becomes inaccessible for some drive is not formatted error? OK! In order to access these hard drive stuffs again, download drive data recovery software to recover deleted files off from hard drive with success. 

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