Monday, November 30, 2015

Cannot Merge Unallocated Space to C Drive

Have Troubles in Merging Unallocated Space to C Drive?
"Hello, friends there! Recently, I have many troubles to merge the unallocated space of my photo partition to the C drive on my Windows 7 laptop. What can I do now to fix this? Honestly, the unallocated space, about 300MB, is separated from my photo partition that has been allocated to store different images, videos and songs, and locates on the right of this C partition. Is it possible for me to move the unallocated space into this C drive? Does that have some bad impact on the loading Operating System? What am I supposed to do before the emerging process? Thanks for any suggestion here!"

Hello! What troubles have you encountered while trying to move the C partition and the unallocated together? What ways have you tried to add the unallocated space to your C drive since then? If you do also get no solution to fix everything, go read this article to see what you are supposed to do.

It Is Impossible to Merge Them Two Together with Disk Management in Your Case!
After searching such PC partition merging information over the internet, you must know that people often can easily use the Windows built-in Disk Management tools to move them two together (like opening Disk Management to delete computer partitions and right clicking the C drive partition to choose "extend" option to finish all merging processes). However, you may not know this method only works when the unallocated space is exactly adjacent to this C drive. In other words, in your case, only when the unallocated space locates on the right side of your C drive, you do can find a valid "extend" option after right clicking this C partition there. Therefore, it is impossible right now for you to merge them two together with Disk Management tools. That’s perhaps why you get troubles to add them together in these days. But, also do not worry. You do have chances to combine them two together successfully. Merely go on reading this article. 

Apply Computer Partition Software or Partition Resizing Software Instead
Even though you cannot combine them two by using the Disk Management tools, you do have other ways to go, such as merely apply some reliable and safe computer partition software or partition resizing software which often can help people shrink or extend hard disk partition space with simple dragging. Merely let the downloaded software scan the selected partition and allows it to merge your unallocated space to your C drive with ease. Of course, always remember to choose reliable software according your own needs.

Make Sure Firstly Back Up Computer Hard Disk Contents Well
When trying to shrink or extend computer hard disk partition space, people are also often asked to delete some useless partitions or format the new larger partitions for future use. And for the computer users, no matter whether you have to delete or formatcomputer partition, losing the stored partition data seems to be a must. Therefore, before you really set out to merge them together, also remember to extract everything useful out and back up them all on another drives or devices. In this way, you are supposed to combine your unallocated space to that C drive safely and easily.
Honestly, with reliable computer partition software or partition resizing software, you are also asked to make drive data backups elsewhere before you are really doing the emerging space. Hence, timely store your important data well when you are suggested to prepare data backups at first.

Learn to Recover Partition Data after Delete or Format
You do have no idea about creating computer partition data backups before the partition emerging processes or the downloaded computer partition software/partition resizing software also doesn’t remind you to make extra partition data copies stored elsewhere? And also delete or format partition then? Need deletedpartition recovery or formattedpartition recovery right now? OK! That seems not to be too late. Before you really write or add new stuffs on your deleted or formatted partition space, go use partition recovery software to rescue recoverable files, videos, games and the like contents back.

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