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How Do I Back up Computer Data to Toshiba Storage External Drive?

Hello, I Want to Back Up Computer drive Documents to External Drive!
"Hey, how do you guys often back up your computer internal hard disk data to external hard disk? Honestly, I had got my own laptop about several months ago and didn’t know it was really necessary to make data backups to another storage device all the time. That’s also why I had been stuck in a really terrible data loss trouble last Friday due to accidental computer hard disk format. Though I do have recovered most of my computer hard disk data by paying a hard disk format recovery program, I do have realized how important it is to create computer drive data backups from now on. Do you guys get any data backup idea for me? How can I move everything important from my PC internal hard disk to a Toshiba external hard disk without transfer everything manually? Thanks for any idea! "

Hello! It is great that you can realize how important it is to prepare data backups timely. In fact, it is really not troublesome to Back up all your internal hard disk files and folders to another storage device. Here, three simple data backup methods will be introduced for you to protect your valuable PC data to another external hard disk.

Method 1: Move everything to your Toshiba external drive one by one manually.
Generally, when you do get no related data backup software or tool available, manually transferring data from the original PC hard disk to your external hard disk could be your way to go. However, this method often works when you do get not much data. If you do really have to move a very large amount of data from one drive to another manually, it could be really troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, this way is often adopted when people do some small changes to the present computer data and need update their PC data backups correspondingly.
Hence, in your case, this method may be not proper. Merely go see the bellow two methods. 

Method2: Use Windows OS built-in Backup & Restore tool to create data backups.
If the manual data transformation is really not so proper for you, as a Windows user, you also can go try the Windows OS built-in Backup tool to back up every partition to your Toshiba external drive one by one.
Here are steps for you to follow:
Step1. Open My Computer interface and right click your computer internal hard disk partitions one by one.
Step2. Click Properties and open Tools tab.
Step3. Press Backup Now button to make partition data backups well.

Please Note:
* If a Backup or Restore Wizard window pops out when trying to click Backup Now button there, remember to follow its guidance and check all options carefully before you click Next button to go on.
*Remember to choose your connected Toshiba USB hard disk as the destination device.
*For Windows 7 OS users, he can easily open the Backup & Restore interface like this: Control Panel => Backup & Restore.
* For users with Windows 8 or 10 OS, he’d better search over the internet and see how he can get the Windows backup tool.

Method3: Download searched PC hard disk data backup software to schedule data backups.
If the Windows built-in backup tool is not good for you or you really don’t know how to find that built-in backup tool, also do not worry! You can also search and download hard disk data backup software to take chances. As a professional and reliable PC disk backup program, you often can easily let this software to scan your PC and easily copy everything desired to the selected storage device with fast speed and high efficiency. Of course, if it is possible, also go schedule a data backup in case that you will forget to prepare PC data backups well.

Recover Computer Drive Data after Accidental Delete or Format
In daily use, it is also possible for people to delete or lose something very, very important or valuable before preparing any data backups elsewhere. What do you often do when such data loss troubles caused by mistaken delete or format happen to you? Or have you eventually rescued your stuffs back with success? If not, do not feel depressing. You can learn to recover computer drive data with computer hard disk data recovery software which can help recover data after a quick format or full format, rescuedata from RAW file system hard disk and take deleted files from PC hard disk with ease.

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