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Best Way to Move Windows to a Larger Drive without Reinstallation?

Can I Move Windows from One Drive to Another without Reinstallation?
Situation1: Hello, in order to extend my Windows 8 computer memory, I do have chosen a new larger SSD which could be used to replace my old internal hard disk that has many bad sectors. However, I am also worrying whether the computer Windows 8 OS, which is still installed on the old hard disk, could be moved to this newly bought SSD? What can I do to directly copy and paste the Windows 8 OS to this new SSD without reinstallation? I really don’t want to pay it again while reinstall it on the new drive. Thank you for any advice here!

Situation2: Hello, I do have installed two hard disks on my Windows 7 computer and think whether it is possible to move the Windows OS, which has been installed well on the first hard disk C partition, from the master drive to the slave or second internal hard disk without reinstallation. I have heard there are sorts of certain programs that can help perform such OS transformation and don’t know whether they do works well. More importantly, does such program help move OS from one drive to another without reinstalling? Any idea would be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot!
Hello! Generally, after common copying and pasting your computer Windows OS from one drive to another one, you do often need to reinstall. But, that doesn’t mean you do get no way to move Windows OS to a larger drive without reinstallation. What you need is only some hard disk cloning/imaging software.

The Hard Drive Cloning/Imaging Software Online Could Be Your Way to Transfer PC OS
As computer users, many people have ever heard about or experienced that the common computer OS transformation methods, like straightly copying and pasting PC OS files and folders from one drive to another different one, often need reinstallation before any use. However, that’s doesn’t indicate people cannot move their desired OS without reinstalling. In other words, with the help of some professional hard disk cloning or imaging software, you also can easily migrate your desire computer operating system files and folders to any other hard disk without OS reinstalling. Why? The hard disk cloning or image software is a sort of programs that can copy all the contents, including the hard disk games, videos, photos, mails, programs and more files and folders, from one hard disk to another without farther troubles. Hence, go open your computer internet and search for a reliable one to take chances.
Please Note: If you do have found an effective one that needs to be paid, you’d better check the details related carefully. For example, check rightly whether this software support your Windows OS, check what you often are supposed to do before or after disk cloning or imaging and check what else you should take care during cloning or imaging process, etc.

Save Enough Computer Hard Disk Data Backups on Other Storage Devices
No matter whether you are asked to create computer important hard disk data backups before you really perform the imaging or cloning processes there with the selected software, you are supposed to save enough hard disk data backups to other storage devices in case of data loss troubles. No matter what type of files they are, once they are needed for the future use or precious, you do need prepare at least one or two copy of them on another hard disk, flash drive or external drive in case of data loss troubles. Of course, to prepare data backups, you can manually move all desired files and folders to other devices, and also are able to apply drive data backup software. Overall, no matter which way to prepare data backups you choose, you’d better not leak any important or essential data there.
Please Note: If you really get important hard disk lost due to unexpected deletion, formatting or the like, there is some related hard disk datarecovery software that can help rescue original hard disk files before any hard disk rewriting process, including deletedfile recovery software, format recovery software and more.

Remember to Change the Boot Order after Moving OS from Master Drive to Slave Drive
Hello, you do have successfully transferred your computer operating system files and folders from the computer master drive to the slave drive without reinstalling by using a hard disk cloning or imaging tool? However, computer says it finds no boot device while rebooting? OK! You do have forgotten to change the computer boot order in BIOS interface after that OS transformation, right? If so, merely open your PC BIOS interface and set your slave drive, the second drive as the boot devices. (Just press "Esc" button after clicking Reboot option and choose "Advanced BIOS Features" option when the needed "BIOS Setup Utility" interface is opened. And then, highlight "Hard Disk Boot Priority" and move your second hard disk to the first place of the boot order. And, at last reboot your PC.)

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