Monday, December 28, 2015

Cannot Find Old Files on an Old Hard Disk

Can Old Files Be Restored from Old Hard Disk?
"Hello! Recently, my computer internal hard disk kicked the bucket and let me have to buy two hard disks instead in the end. The new SSD was planed to be used for computer Operating System loading and installing, and the other HDD was for normal file storage. However, since there were still many important old file left on that old hard disk, I did have not removed this damaged hard disk off from my PC and wondered whether there were solutions to recover hard disk file back. Honestly, now, I am able to find it in My Computer. However, many desired files inside are missing. Is there any solution for me to recover my needed Word files, videos and some pictures back? Thank you very much anyhow!"

Hello, friends! Is there any file or folder that still shows on that damaged internal hard disk while you check it in My Computer window? How does it show in the Disk Management interface of your PC? Have you tried any harddisk data recovery software to scan your hard disk yet? Always mention more details of your hard disk data loss troubles next time. But, now, based on your description, there are also some hopes.

Is This Old Hard Disk Detected as RAW File System in Disk Management?
It is clear that your old hard disk that could still be listed in My Computer interface of your PC from your description. However, do you have tried to check it in Disk Management windows of your PC? How does it show there? Does it get a RAW file system there or it is even not displayed there? If it is really detected as RAW file system there or your CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives while testing it, this really is a good new for you. Why? With a RAW file system error, your old hard disk seems not to be completely damaged and irrecoverable. The simple formatting process could help repair it. However, if your hard disk even cannot be shown there, your drive must get some serous issues and your left drive data also could be dangerous.

Recover Files from RAW Drive with RAW Drive Recovery Software
When your old hard disk shows as RAW or the running CHKDSK is really stopped for RAW drives, your left hard disk files, videos and images may not be damaged and gone permanently yet. Merely save nothing new on this RAW drive and start RAW drive recovery software to take them back. Though the RAW file system hard disk data recovery software doesn’t help covert hard disk RAW file system into NTFS, it helps scan and recover original documents, messages, texts, mails, music, photos and more files back from that RAW drive. Hence, merely apply a related data recovery tool on your PC to get desired data back and format this hard disk to see whether it is still recoverable.

You Got No Promising Chance to Take All Old Files Back When the Disk Is Corrupted Mechanically.
That old hard disk does not show in DiskManagement and also cannot be read well on another computer? Your hard disk must be failed somehow and cannot be recognized well. Of course, if your old hard disk is mechanically corrupted, you also even get no promising chance to rescue anything original back. But, also do not panic! You do can ask some data recovery experts or data recovery companies for helps. They often will make the data recovery plans according to your hard disk states and conditions, and also charge you according to the data recovery difficulty. Hence, if there is no some data that is very, very important, do not send it to data recovery experts or agencies at last.
It Is Perfect to Apply SSD for OS and Normal HDD for Data Storage
Why do you decide to use your SSD for OS and the normal HDD for data storage? You just have followed some professional guidance in advance? In fact, in my experiences, it is really perfect to allocate your hard disks in that way. Why? After loading and installing the OS on the new SSD, which often will speed up computer extremely, your computer performance will be highly improved. And while storing all computer files, videos, messages, movies, photos and more contents that will not be used frequently, you will also make full use of your new HDD and also will not slow down the computer. Overall, it is good for you to have a better computer performance. 
Of course, in case of data loss troubles, you are also supposed to also create hard disk data backups well on different storage devices well all the time.

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