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External Hard Drive Shows as Device Not Ready

External Hard Drive Is Not Accessible Since The Device Is Not Ready?
"Hello, I have a 1TB WD external hard disk that always works fine on my Windows laptop, which often is used at home, since it was bought about several months ago. However, recently, when I try to connect it to a Windows 7 desktop computer that often is placed in my office, this external drive is not shown in My Computer interface as usual. But, it shows up in Device Manager. But, when I attempt to click this drive there, it says it cannot be accessed now since the device is not ready. Can anyone help explain why such device not ready error happens to me? What can I do now to resolve this problem and access my drive contents easily? Thanks for any advice here."

Hello, friends! What has happened to this external drive before you connect it to your office desktop computer? Have you ejected this hard drive to your PC without safely remove it off from your original laptop? Have you used this computer on your on this office computer before? Or have you tried to connect this drive to your office computer with a different USB port? OK! No matter what your situation is, here are several clues for you to resolve this device not ready problem. 

Common Reasons Behind Device Not Read Error Problems:
In these days, the computer internal hard disks or external hard disks often bring people the related device not ready error issues due to three major reasons. Here are these three ones for you to consider:
1). Computer external/internal hard disk is corrupted seriously.
To be honest, how does this external hard disk show on your original laptop? Is it damaged somehow since it gives some hard disk errors, including external drive RAW filesystem error problems, externalhard drive not formatted error problems or corrupted external drive error problems, etc? What have you done to this external drive before plugging it to your office desktop computer? Have you rudely removed it off from your PC without clicking safely hardware remove icon? All right! No matter what has happened to this USB hard disk, as long as this drive is really seriously damaged or corrupted due to your wrong operations or other drive malfunction problems, such computer device not ready error is absolutely possible to occur.   
2). Computer internal/external hard disk is not correctly connected.
The computer device not ready error problems also are able to happen when the internal/external hard disk is not correctly connected. Why? Let’s imagine: when your computer hard disk is loosely or wrongly connected there, this computer sometimes even cannot find and detect there is a hard disk inserted or even exist. How come it will help you read or access anything inside, right? Hence, go check whether your computer WD external drive is connected well there.
3). Computer internal/external hard disk is not workable on your new PC. 
Though, in these days, many hard disk manufacturers have designed and developed various types of USB hard disks for users to use under different computers and OS versions. However, that doesn’t mean a specific external hard disk could be used under different computers with different Windows or Mac OS versions. Therefore, this drive also is able to be incompatible with your PC and gives this device not ready error problem.
Overall, no matter what your reasons are, you’d better check your computer or this USB hard disk well at firstly. 

How to Remove Your Device Not Ready Problems?
In order to remove this device not ready problem, you are supposed to find the actual reasons behind and also find the possible solutions correspondingly. If you also do not know what you are supposed to do now, go follow these below steps to take chances:
Step1. Go connect this computer external hard disk with another computer USB port.
In order to make sure whether this WD external drive is connected rightly, you’d better go re-connect this drive with another computer USB port or USB cable. If it is still inaccessible since the device is not ready, go read the same removable hard disk on another computer. In your case, you can disconnect it and go try it on your laptop and check it there. If all these methods also make no difference, your device not ready error issues may not be caused by incorrect connection, go see the else solutions.  
Step2. Check computer hard disk is really healthy and workable.
As you’ve read above, such drive problems also could be aroused by damaged external drive. Hence, merely adopt solutions to check whether this removable hard disk is healthy and workable now. What you can do is merely to run computer CHKDSK to detect whether there are many bad sectors or problems and try to repair or fix them. Of course, with extra money, also download some drive diagnosing or troubleshooting software to test this drives and see whether there are some serious damages. Overall, no matter which way you have selected, as long as this computer hard disk is really physically damaged and unworkable, you’d better change another drive to be used on this office computer. But, if it only get some logical problems and could be fixed with simple formatting processes, go back up everything important data and format this drive fix everything.
Please Note: If this hard disk is still inaccessible and does not allow you to make any data backups, computer external drive data recoverysoftware could help you rescue everything desired back.
Step3. Go check office computer configuration to see whether this drive is workable there.
When you doubt whether this WD external drive is compatible with your office computer, you’d better check the computer configurations to see whether it is workable there, like the computer operating system, computer USB port types, computer file system types, computer hard disk capacity limitation or etc. For example, if you do use this external drive on your hone laptop with Mac OS, your office desktop computer with Windows OS often cannot recognize the Mac USB hard disk drives well. In such case, you’d change another compatible one to store the new data or merely format this original drive before creating drive data backups well elsewhere.

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