Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My 8GB SanDisk Micro SD Card Is Unable to Be Formatted in My Phone and in PC

An 8GB SanDisk Micro SD Card Requires Formatting in Phone
"Hello, my 8GB SanDisk micro SD card stops working after I connected it to my computer and transferred some files. It says memory card needs to be formatted when I inserted the micro SD card into my mobile phone. Now, my only question is can I fix the micro SD card not formatted error without formatting it? "

SanDisk is only one of popular brand of memory card. You might run into the same problem on other brand of memory card. Are you also searching for a solution for micro SD card not formatted error? Now, you have come to the right place. Most of times, you cannot access a micro SD card when it says needs to be formatted because the file system of the card might be corrupted. Therefore, in most case, when a micro SD card requires formatting, its file system also has been changed to RAW. The only solution for this error is to format the micro SD card which will erase everything inside the card.

Cannot Format My Micro SD Card in Phone and in PC
In fact, it is not the worst thing that you probably lose everything inside the micro SD card after formatting. What is worse, the micro SD card is unable to be formatted in both your phone and computer. If you have ever encountered the similar problem, you may be familiar with what I mentioned. Whenever you insert the micro SD card into your cell phone or connect it to a PC, it always says memory card requires formatting. However, when you select to format the card, it will continue to say formatting is not completed. Now, you must be very frustrated since you don’t know what to do next.

Solution for Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error
First step for micro SD card not formatted error is to restore data from the card. If you have backup the micro SD card, you can skip over this step. To restore files from micro SD card, you can use micro SD card recovery software. This software is the best data recovery program which is available for all types of file recovery including photos, movies, music, audio files and more.
To fix the micro SD card not formatted error, you still need to format the card. If you cannot format the micro SD card, you can try to check and repair bad sectors on the card. Then try again to format the micro SD card. Besides, here I would like to recommend a free format tool with which you are able to format any device easily.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs
You can select either of the software to restore files from corrupted memory card and then reformat the memory card to fix the error.

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.


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