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Disk Recovery Software – Restore Photos Music Videos from Corrupted Hard Disk

Q&A: Methods to Recover Photos Music Videos from a Corrupted Hard Disk?
Q: Can somebody tell me any method to recover unreadable photos music and videos from a corrupted hard disk? It keeps saying the data is unreadable or corrupted when I want to open the hard disk on my computer. Then I remove the hard disk to another computer, but the same message comes out. I have many photos, music and videos on the hard disk. So I want to know some useful methods to recover those files from the corrupted hard disk.

A: Hard disk corrupt can be physical corrupt and logical corrupt. Physical corrupt is the situation that your hard disk is physically damaged, in which case the lost data is unrecoverable. While the logical corrupt is the situation that the hard disk can’t be used normally due to virus attack or using improperly, bad sectors or some unknown reasons. In such case, data is recoverable with hard disk recovery software.

Disk Recovery Software Features: Recover Not Only Photos Videos Music, But Also Other Types of Files
First Hard Disk Recovery Freeware
Second Hard Disk Recovery Freeware
Disk recovery software is a free utility that is specially designed to restore data from various hard disks. It is suitable for any brand of hard disk data recovery like Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Patriot, Transcend, etc. This disk recovery freeware utility can not only recover photos, videos and music from corrupted hard disk; it can also restore other kinds of files like audio files, image, emails, documents, and PDF files and so on.

General Process for Disk Data Recovery
To use the disk recovery software, you only need to follow the following three simple steps.
Firstly, scan – Enable the software to scan the hard disk you need to recover files.
Then, preview – You can preview the found files before you decide whether recover them or not.
Finally, recover – Choose and recover all files you need and save them.
All the three steps above are very easy to handle. If you still have any problem, you can refer to Hard Disk Data Recovery.

Other Users That Need to Restore Data from Hard Disk
1. My hard disk drive stopped working suddenly when I was using it to copy some files. It never made any strange sounds or clicking. It just quit working and all data three becomes unreadable. Some data inside the disk drive is precious and I haven’t made a backup to other device. How can I restore those data from the hard disk drive?

2. One partition got disappeared from my compute. I can find it under Disk Management and I can also open this partition there. But I am unable to open the files and folders that stored in this partition. When I click on the folder or file, it shows data is corrupted and inaccessible. What is the reason for this problem? How could I access those files and folders from this partition?

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