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How Can I Recover Deleted Photos from My Samsung Galaxy Phone

How Can You Deleted Photos from a Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Delete photos

Sometimes, although you have inserted a memory card in the mobile phone, the data will stored to the phone internal memory. So when you delete files, you are not deleting them from the memory card but from the internal memory of the phone. Toady, we will talk about the deleted photo recovery from Samsung Galaxy internal memory.

Photo deleted from the internal memory is just the same as it deleted from the memory card. You can delete photos due to mistake or on purpose. You can delete photos by pressing "Delete" option or performing "restore to factory settings". You may deleteall photos from the Samsung Galaxy or only delete some. You may delete photos due to formatting the Galaxy phone accidentally. You may delete the photo since you are unable to open it.

Samsung Galaxy Recovery Step1
Stop Using the Samsung Galaxy Phone
In fact, there is not much difference between photo recovery from memory card and internal memory. The first step should be to stop using the phone immediately after data loss.

Why can not you use the Samsung Galaxy phone after data loss? If you keep using the Galaxy phone, you cannot avoid adding new files to the phone. If so, the deleted photos will be overwritten by the new added files and it will disable you to recover the lost data.

Therefore, you should stop using the phone and connect it to a computer via USB cable. You must connect the phone properly to the computer and make sure it can be recognized as an external drive on the computer.

Samsung Galaxy Recovery Step2
Free Download Samsung Galaxy Recovery Program
Samsung Galaxy recovery software is an advanced undelete tool for deleted file recovery from Samsung devices. You should download and install it on your computer so that you can use it. It will only take a little time to download and install the software on your computer. By the way, it is also very easy and effective to uninstall the software if you don’t want to use it any more.

How can you download and install the software on your computer =>>
First must try Samsung Galaxy Recovery Program
Second must try Samsung Galaxy Recovery Program
1. Click on the download icon and click "Save File" to begin downloading the software (there are two kinds of data recovery programs. No matter which software you choose, you can perform 
 data recovery easily with high quality and fast speed).
2. Double click on the icon of the software, the software will be installed within a few mouse clicks. Once the software is installed on your computer, you can see its main interface and see the basic recovery modules.

Samsung Galaxy Recovery Step3
Perform Deleted Photo Recovery Step by Step
1. When you see the main interface of the software, you need to choose a proper recovery module.
2. Select the Samsung Galaxy phone and the software will perform scanning on the selected drive.
3. Select the partitions and it will shows files that have been founded by the software
4. Choose the files you want to recover and save them to a path folder.


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