Tuesday, July 9, 2013

USB Flash Drive Errors: Solutions for Data Loss Problem due to USB Errors

Error Messages on USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive can be used to store and transfer data when it works properly. However, data will get lost or inaccessible from a USB flash drive when it has errors. USB flash drive errors can be different in types, which includes USB drive not formatted error, USB drive is uninitialized, flash drive can’t be detected, I/O error, etc.

Those errors are usually caused by virus attack, bad sectors, bad USB port, and more reasons. Any way, as long as those errors are not caused by USB flash drive physical damage, you can fix any of the error above as well as its data back.

First Step to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive
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Firstly, you should stop using the USB flash drive. There is one thing you should be clear is that the data loss is caused by USB drive errors, but it doesn’t mean that data can be retrieved by fixing the USB drive errors. Then, what should you do if you still want to restore the lost files?

Usually, when flash drive has any of errors above, you can fix the error by formatting the drive. However, as is known to all, formatting will empty the drive. In another world, you cannot recover the lost data even if you fix the errors by formatting. On the contrary, it will cause further data loss after formatting.

The right methods to restore the lost data when USB says an error is to restore the lost data first before you fix the error. Whether you know or not, the files stored on the flash drive are still intact on the original place. However, since USB has error, the all the files stored there become inaccessible. Therefore, you need to use flash drive recovery software to make those files accessible. Although the flash drive recovery software cannot fix the errors on the USB drive, it can search and locate the lost files and recover them so that you can read or access them again.

Second Step to Fix Error on USB Flash Drive
Since flash drive recovery software can only help you restore the data on USB drive, you need to fix the errors on the drive by other means. Formatting is the easiest method to fix the errors. However, it doesn’t always work since you might be unable to format the drive when it shows some errors. At this time, you can try to fix the bad sectors on the flash drive. If it still doesn’t work, you can have a try with USB disk format tool.


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