Friday, July 19, 2013

Free Programs for Lost Photo Recovery from Memory Card (SD Card, XD Card, CF Card…)

Have You Ever Run into Memory Card Photo Loss Disaster?
You must know that photos on a memory card can be lost due to some reasons. Have you ever encountered with the memory card photo loss problem? Do you know why photos will be lost from your memory card? Generally speaking, photos will get lost from your memory card due to deleting or formatting which we call human errors. Besides, photos can also be lost due to memory card problems which we often call system error or memory card error. Sometimes, you can avoid the memory card photo loss disaster, but sometimes you may find it difficult to avoid such a problem.

When a problem is not able to be avoided, you can only face it and find a solution to solve it. For memory card photo loss problem, the best solution is to use a memory card recovery tool to get back the lost photos.

Correct Way to Recover Photos from Memory Card

You can free download either of the  software below
First Memory Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second Memory Card Recovery Freeware

Probably, many people know that the only way to recover lost photos from a memory card is to use memorycard recovery software. But the first difficult thing is to select a good and reliable memory card recovery program. Then, how can you choose a reliable memory card recovery program with which you can recover all lost files?

Memory card recovery software is designed to restore any lost file from all types of memory cards including SD card, CF card, XD card, mini SD card, micro SD card, SDHC, MMC…In order to use the software, you need to download and install it on a computer.
This article will show you two kinds of reliable and free memory card recovery software. If you want to use the software, you need to:
1. Click on the download link and save it on your computer
2. Double click on the icon of the software and install it on your computer
3. Launch the software after installing and begin memory card photo recovery

Never Do the Following Things…
1. Add new files to the memory card after data loss
New written data will overwritten the original lost files which will lead the lost data to be unable to be recovered with any method, so you can never add new data to the memory card unless all the lost files have been restored successfully.

2. Save recovered files to the original memory card
When you finally want to recover the lost files by using the memory card recovery software, if need to select a path folder to save the recovered files. You can select any device to store the files other than the original memory card. If you choose the original memory card, you will not be able to save the recovered files.


Memory card not formatted error

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