Monday, July 22, 2013

How Can You Retrieve Lost Data from a Western Digital Hard Disk Drive?

Is It Possible to Recover Lost Files from Western Digital Hard Drive?

I have a Western hard disk drive. I partitioned the hard disk drive into 4 partitions on my HP computer. Today, when I open my computer, one of the partitions cannot work properly. Whether I double click on the partition or right click on the partition to open it, it always shows an error message which says: disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now? I know there is something wrong with my hard disk, but I really want to get data off the partition before I format it. How can I do it? Please give me a hand.

This is a common cause for western digital hard disk drive data loss. In addition to this cause, data can also be lost from a western digital hard disk drive due to more other reasons, including deleting, formatting, raw file system and more.

Three Simple Steps to Retrieve Data from Western Digital Hard Drive
When data is lost from the western digital hard drive, you can recover the lost files by using hard drive recovery software. This is a free data recovery tool which can not only recover files from western digital hard drive, but also from other brands of hard drive like Seagate, Maxtor, etc.
With the hard drive recovery software, you can easily recover any lost data within about three simple steps. Firstly, the software would scan the hard drive for lost files. This step is the most important one for lost file recovery. You must make sure not overwritten the hard drive so that the software can scan for the lost files. Secondly, you can preview the found files after scanning. Finally, you can choose the files you need and save them. The most important thing in this step is not to save the selected files to the original hard disk drive.
If you still have any problem, you can refer to hard drive recovery.

Be Careful If Your Hard Drive Has Following Problems
1. Hard drive has bad sectors
2. Hard drive works slowly suddenly without any reason
3. The file system of the hard disk drive shows RAW drive
4. Some data disappeared though you don’t delete any data from the hard disk drive
5. The names of some files have been changed without any reason
6. One or more partitions of the hard disk drive are not detected by the computer
7. More other unknown problems

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