Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hard Drive Is Not Showing up on My Computer

Help with Hard Drive Not Showing up Problem

Problem1: My 120GB hard drive partition is not showing up in My Computer but I can see it shown as drive G: under Disk Management. I check the properties it shows the hard drive as healthy, but the file type becomes raw. Besides, I can neither open nor format the hard drive under Disk Management. How can I make the hard drive show up in My Computer and access the drive?

Problem2: My computer stopped recognizing the hard drive this morning. I can’t see the drive letter on My Computer, so I have no way to access the data on the hard drive. Can anybody tell me how to get back files from the hard drive since it is not showing up on my computer?

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
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#2 Data Recovery Software
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How to Restore Data from Hard Drive When It Is Not Showing on Computer
Before we know how to restore data from a hard drive when it is not showing up in my computer, you must be interested in knowing the reasons why your hard drive can’t show up on my computer. Hard drive can’t show up can caused by hard drive physical damage, bad sectors on hard drive, virus attack and more other unknown reasons. The reasons for hard drive not showing up is different, the solution to fix hard drive problem would also different. However, the solution for data recovery from a hard drive is the same. You only need to use hard drive recovery software to perform a scan on your hard drive so that you can find and restore all lost files easily and effectively. Hard drive data recovery is easy with hard drive recovery software, but you still have some important points need to be noticed. If you ignore some important tips, you may lose the best chance for data recovery. Therefore, it is highly recommended you to refer to this article recover files from hard drive to learn the details on hard drive data recovery.


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