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How to Repair an Error on a Sony 4GB Micro SD Card?

Possible Error Messages on a Sony 4GB Micro SD Card
Sony micro SD card is a brand of SD memory card. When a Sony micro SD card has been used for a long time, the card might show this or that kind of error messages due to different reasons. The error messages might occur on a micro SD card include following aspects:

Not formatted error: this is one of the most common error messages when you plug the micro SD card to a laptop and want to open the card. This kind of error is often caused by virus attack, bad sectors, micro SD card damage, and more.

RAW file system: usually this kind of error has some relation with the not formatted error. When a micro SD card has not formatted error, the file system of the card will be shown as RAW. Therefore, the reasons for RAW file system are similar with the reasons for not formatted error.

A Sony micro SD card may also show other error messages like write error, read error, etc. All these errors on a Sony micro SD card has one common characteristic, namely, you are unable to open the card and access data inside when a micro SD card shows any error message.

How to Repair Sony Micro SD Card Error?
Usually, the micro SD card errors can be repaired by yourself. However, if the card is physically damaged, it is impossible to repair it without professional knowledge. Even if you ask an expert for help, he cannot make a guarantee that he is able to repair a physically damaged micro SD card. On the contrary, if the micro SD card is infect with virus or has bad sector, you can repair the error easily. For a micro SD card that has been attacked by virus, you only need to run an anti-virus program to delete the virus. For a micro SD card that has bad sectors, you should fix the bad sectors. To repair not formatted error on the card, you need to format the card.

Is Data Still on Card after Fixing Error on Micro SD Card?
Technologically speaking, after your run an anti-virus program to remove virus from the card, or after you repair the bad sector on the card, data inside won’t be erased. However, many users also run into such a situation: although virus has been removed or bad sectors have been fixed, when they open the card the data inside is also erased. If you format the card, there is no doubt that files will be wiped out immediately after formatting. Therefore, nobody can ensure that data is still on the micro SD card after fixing errors. Then, is there any method to protect the data on the card from being deleted due to micro SD card errors?

If data gets lost after fixing the micro SD card errors, it is extremely difficult to get back the lost files. In fact, you can get data off the micro SD card before repairing the errors on the card. Here you may ask: how can I get data off the card since I have no way to open it? Well, I will tell you an easy method to get data off a micro SD card even if you are not allowed to access the card. Micro SD card recovery software allows you to access data on any brand of SD card including Sony. This software works as a professional data recovery program to restore and list the data from inaccessible card so that you can get data off the card. 

If you need to use this software, you can free download it from the link below, and step-by-step wizards on how to use this software is available on this page. By the way, the software recommended here is completely free. You don’t need to worry that it will ask you to pay when you want to restore the lost files.
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Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

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