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Windows 8 Data Recovery - Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Windows 8

Need Help to Recover Lost Files from Windows 8?
Do you have a computer or laptop? Do you install Windows 8 operating system on your computer or laptop? How much do you know about Windows 8 operating system? Have you ever meet data loss problem on your Windows 8 computer? Windows 8 is the most recent version of Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Computer running Windows operating system has more features, but those features cannot stop the computer from suffering data loss disaster. Therefore, Windows 8 users still need help to restore lost files from Windows 8 computer.

Scenarios for Windows 8 Data Loss
1. Files are deleted from hard drive of Windows 8 computer by pressing Shift + Delete keys or emptying Recycle Bin
2. Files are deleted by formatting the hard disk drive because you want to free more space
3. Files are deleted due to system restore
4. Hard drive is saying error message like disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now, so you format the hard drive and delete files on the drive at the same time
5. Erasing files from other external device like memory card or flash drive when it is connected to your Windows 8 computer

Freeware for Windows 8 Data Recovery
Lost data is recoverable on Windows 8 computer. When files are deleted or the drive is formatted, Windows 8 only marks the space as empty one so that you can store new data to it. By using Windows 8 recovery software, you can restore lost data easily.
First Windows 8 Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second Windows 8 Recovery Freeware

Windows 8 recovery software is helpful in every data loss scenario by scanning the whole hard drive space and search for lost files. This software is free, secure and easy-to-use. Windows 8 recovery software is also helpful in data recovery from removable devices including external hard drive, memory card, and USB flash drive and so on.

How to Recover Lost Files from Windows 8?
In this article, I will recommend two kinds of Windows 8 recovery software to you. You can select either of them and restore data from your Windows 8 computer.

Tutorials on First Windows 8 Recovery Software
First Windows 8 Recovery Freeware(Recommend)

Step1, free download, install and run Windows 8 recovery software on your Windows 8 computer. Connect the removable device to the computer (if files are lost from removable device) and select the recovery option. If files are lost due to formatting, you need to select "Format Recovery" module. If files are lost due to deleting, you need to select "Advanced Files Recovery" module. If files are lost because hard drive is inaccessible, you need to select "Deep Scan Recovery" module. If the hard drive partition is deleted or lost, you need to select "Lost Partition Recovery" module.

Step2, the software will show all devices and you need to select the device from which you want to recover data and click "Recover" option so that the software will scan the selected device.
Step3, when the scanning is completed, you are allowed to preview the found files by clicking "Show Files" option.
Step4, mark the files you need and click "Save Files" option to save the recovered files. You are not allowed to save the recovered files to the original device.

Tutorials on Second Windows 8 Recovery Software
Free Download Second Windows 8 Recovery Software

Step1, free download, install and launch the software and then follow the instructions on the interface of the freeware to choose the right recovery option based on your data loss situations.
Step2, choose the device where data was lost and click "Start Scan" option.
Step3, you can see the scanning process just like the picture showing below. You only need to wait patiently before it is finished.
Step4, view and select the files you want to restore to save them in a storage media as long as it is not the original device.

About Windows 8 Operating System
Windows 8 is the latest operating system of Microsoft, which was released on October 26, 2012. Windows 8 operating system supports both home user and business user. Compared with old versions of operating system of Microsoft, Windows 8 operating system has a special interface. Windows 8 operating system makes it convenient for its users to use.

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