Thursday, November 14, 2013

Need to Recover Photos/Data from Not Recognized USB Flash Drive

Questions: What’s Wrong with USB Flash Drive?
User1: I have an 8GB SanDisk USBflash drive that stored some very important files but it is not recognized now. The light of the USB drive still blinks when I attach it to my computer. However, it is not recognized on My Computer. I can find the drive under Disk Management, but I only get Format option when I right click on the drive under Disk Management. I need to restore the lost files from the USB flash drive. Anybody can help me?

User2: It seems like that I have met a frustrating problem because my USB shows "USB device not recognized in window 7” when I insert it into the USB port. I have been trying to look for a solution online but get no solution. How can I get a useful suggestion that could help me make the flash drive recognizable?

User3: My laptop stopped recognizing my USB drive the day before. Then I checked the drive under Device Management, but it was shown as Unknown Device. How to fix the problem without losing files? I hope somebody can give me some advices.

Solution: Rescue Files from Not Recognized USB Flash Drive
Have you received a "USB device not recognized" error when you insert it into a USB port? If so, you can recover data from not recognized USB flash drive with USB recovery software. This software works perfectly on USB flash drive data recovery when it is not recognized by computer. You can restore any data as long as you want. However, you must make sure not overwrite the USB flash drive from which you want to recover your important data. Then you can download the software and free scan, restore lost files effectively. Do you want to get back the data when your flash drive is not recognizable? If so, you can get the software from USB Data Recovery.
The data recovery software is helpful with data recovery when SD card is not detected by camera or mobile phone or CF card has RAW file system.

Select the Software Based on Your Needs
The first must try recovery software is a freeware to recover files from all types of memory card, so you can refer to free card recovery tutorials if you want to recover memory card data.

The second must try recovery software is also a freeware which can recover photos, videos, music, etc from memory card, USB drive, hard drive, external drive, etc. Please refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.

The third must try recovery software is available for free download, with which you can recover any type of file from all storage devices. You can visit  recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.


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