Monday, April 14, 2014

USB Needs to Be Formatted on Windows 7

When you connect your USB drive to your computer which runs Windows 7 operating system, you may find it unrecognizable or inaccessible due to some reasons. In this article, we will introduce those problems and tell the solution for this kind of problem. Usually, you may have different kinds of questions when you encounter the USBflash drive not formatted error on Windows 7. You can free download the professional recovery tool to restore data from the USB.

Free download USB recovery software to restore photos, videos, music, etc off USB flash drive when it requires formatting on your Windows 7.

FAQ1. USB flash drive needs to be formatted on Windows 7
Question: This is the first time that I meet such a serious problem with my 8GB USB drive. I don't know why but when I plug it in my laptop port, I can only see a message like USB needs to be formatted. There are some important data of my work in the USB drive. Is there any clue for this problem?

Answer: This problem often happens on external device like USB, memory card and hard disk. If you want to remain the data, the only option is to use USB data recovery tool. You can free download it from website and easily install it on your computer, then you can begin to recover your data only with a few steps. After that you can format your USB drive and it will be restored to the original state.

FAQ2. What Should I Do with USB Stick Says Not Formatted?
Question: I have a USB stick. I've stored many files including documents, family pictures and AVI videos and some other not so important files in it. I have used it for several years and it always works well. However, when I want to copy some documents in it, USB stick says not formatted. I can imagine if I format it, I would lose all the files inside. But what should I do if I don't format it? 

Answer: It is a right choice that you didn't format your USB stick, because when your USB stick says not formatted, all the data still remains inside but you cannot access them. Format can make your USB stick work again, but data will be lost. At such a time, you need USB data recovery software to recover the data from USB stick. This software allows you to recover any file type from your USB drive without any charge. It is also very easy to use.

FAQ3. I Suffered USB Not Formatted Problem
Question: I have a USB flash drive with many items in it. I hope someone could help me solve this problem. Every time I insert my USB, I get the terrible message "Drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". I click yes, but another message I will get that USB cannot be formatted. I've searched this problem online, but everybody advice me to do a data recovery. I don't want to do that because I don't think I need to. I know my data is still stored there. So this is my problem, how can I solve it?

Answer: Well, I can understand you that you don't want to do a data recovery, but I have to say this is the only way. Even if you take your USB to an expert, he would also do such a thing to make your USB work again. Although the data is still save inside the USB, you have no chance to access it if you don't do data recovery. In fact, it is very easy and safe to get a USB data recovery software to recover your data. 

USB not formatted problem is common but not so serious. Therefore, when you encounter with such kind of problem, please don't panic. You only need to do: Stop adding new files to the USB.
The data recovery software also enables you to recover files from unformatted micro SD card or when CF card is showing RAW file system.

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