Friday, April 11, 2014

Windows 7 Format Recovery

I mistakenly format the F drive on my Windows 7 computer, while I want to format the E drive. I perform a quick format on the partition. I am wondering if I can unformat the partition and recover lost files. This partition is about 50GB and it is a Seagate hard disk partition.

Professional Unformat Tool for Format Recovery

Free download windows 7 recovery software

Windows 7 format recovery software is an all-in-one format recovery software that can help you restore files from any formatted partition on Windows 7. It allows you to unformat local disk partition like C drive, D drive, E drive, F drive and external device like memory card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc. This software supports all kinds of hard disks including Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung and more. You can recover lost folder, photos, emails, videos, music, documents and all types of files after formatting partition on Windows 7.

Format Partition When Windows Pops up Error Message
Disk drive not formatted is a common error on Windows. You will be required to format the partition when receiving such kind of message. Disk drive not formatted error is also a common reason that leads many Windows users to format the partition even it contains lots of important data.

What is highly recommended to do?
When you receive not formatted error on Windows partition, it is highly recommended you to copy files from the partition first and then format the partition. Since you cannot access the partition when it shows not formatted error, you are unable to copy files directly from the partition. Thus you need to use Windows 7 formatrecovery software to perform a deep scan on the partition and extract the files off the partition. When files have been recovered completely, you had better backup them to protect them from got lost again due to other reasons. For important data stored on Windows partition, it is always recommended you to make a backup to avoid data loss disaster due to unexpected reasons.

You Still Have Chance in Following Situations
1. You format the partition to fix not formatted error before data recovery.
If you didn’t perform data recovery before formatting the partition which shows not formatted error, you still have chance to recover files stored on the partition by running Windows 7 format recovery software.

2. You write some new data to the formatted partition.
As you know, any new added file may occupy the space on the formatted partition and overwrite the lost files. However, it doesn’t mean all files will be overwritten completely. You still have chance to recover the files which have not been overwritten.

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