Friday, April 11, 2014

Windows 7 Partition Recovery

It happened on this morning when I was dealing with some office files on my computer. I mistakenly format a partition on my Windows 7 computer. All my work files are stored on this partition, but now they are lost permanently from the partition after formatting. How do I unformat the partition and get back all lost files?

Windows 7 Partition Recovery Freeware Download

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In fact, partition formatting is just a common cause for Windows 7 data loss, most Windows 7 users have encountered data loss from Windows 7 partition due to more other reasons. If you want to perform Windows 7 partition recovery, Windows7 recovery software can do a favor. Windows 7 recovery software is able to restore data from Windows 7 hard disk or hard disk partition when the partition is formatted/reformatted, deleted, lost or inaccessible. It is available for all kinds of data recovery including photos, videos, music and office files and more.

Windows 7 Deleted or Formatted Partition Recovery
When you delete a partition under Windows 7 operating system, the deleted partition will disappear in "My Computer" but it will be shown as an unallocated volume in "Disk Management". However, files stored on the deleted partition will be lost. If you want to restore the deleted partition, you need to run Windows 7 recovery software to recover the deleted files. Then you may go to "Disk Management" to assign a drive letter to the unallocated volume and format it., thus the deleted partition will be shown in "My Computer" again.

For Windows7 formatted partition recovery, you can also run Windows 7 recovery software. It can scan the formatted partition for every lost file. No matter you format the partition by mistake or due to disk not formatted error on Windows 7, the recovery software is always helpful with data recovery. If you want to recover all lost files, you should pay attention not to write new data to the formatted partition before files can be restored completely.

Windows 7 Partition Missing
Disk partition on Windows 7 might get lost due to many reasons in addition to partition deletion. For instance, a disk partition may be lost due to virus infection. When a disk partition gets lost from Windows 7, you may run Windows 7 recovery software and select the proper recovery module to restore lost files on the lost partition.

Windows 7 Partition Is Inaccessible
As a computer user, you must have been encountered the situation that disk partition becomes inaccessible on Windows 7. This kind of problem can be caused by many reasons, but the solution for the problem is usually the same. Windows 7 recovery software allows you to deep scan the device where partition got lost so as to find out the lost files. You can restore the lost files with original quality fast.

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