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Recover Data from Accidentally Shrunk Partition

I Accidentally Shrink a Partition with Valuable Data. Is It Possible to Recover It Back?
"Hello! In this morning, I accidentally shrank the main partition on my WD external hard disk from 1TB into 320 GB on my Windows 8 computer. All my stored documents, films, audios, software and more files inside this partition were gone. Honestly, I had recalled to prepare the partition data backups in advance, but, forgot it after I did something else back. What can I do now? Can I merely extend this partition and run data recovery software to take everything desired back? Or does the partition expanding processes make thing worse? Thank you for any advice to help me recoverlost data from WD external drive on Windows 8!"

Hello! You’d better always create important external drive data backups immediately on extra drives or devices well once you do have remembered to. But, now, from your description, your situation seems not to be too bad. Go select partition datarecovery software to rescue your original information back as much as possible.

Do Not Expand or Rewrite This WD External Hard Drive Main Partition after Shrinking
Have you really extended this WD drive main partition that has been shrunk accidentally? Have you also rewritten this drive partition with anything new after shrinking? In fact, in your case, no matter whether you do have performed a shrinking or extending process on this external hard drive partition, your original WD external hard disk documents, films, audios, software and more files are not really wiped or destroyed right now. They are often stored on this drive and only inaccessible. But, they are also able to be lost permanently when you do write new data on this drive partition or do anything else to overwrite these original drive contents. Hence, before you rescue your desired stuffs back, you’d better not continue using this WD USB hard disk and rewrite this drive with anything fresh.
Please Note: In case that you will overwrite this WD USB hard disk unintentionally and cause worse data loss troubles, go extract this WD drive our from your PC and keep it away from any data till you do have prepared everything well for latter data recovery.  

Run External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Lost Drive Partition Data
Though your external hard disk data is inaccessible after that accidental shrinking, they may be also recoverable before you damage them all completely with new data written on the same device. Hence, stop adding new data on this WD external drive and go start externalhard drive data recovery software to scan this shrunk drive partition. And then, see whether all your preferable data is recoverable.
Here are simple steps for you to follow:
Step1. Download and install data recovery software on your computer internal hard disk partitions well.
Step2. Plunge this external drive with data loss troubles to the same computer and run this software well there.
Step3. Select a desired data recovery mode to scan this shrunk drive partition and preview the scanned data.
Step4. Recover also valuable data to another storage device.
Please Note:
* Pay your attention to preview the scanned WD drive data and see whether all or most of your desired original data is recoverable. If so, go purchase the data recovery software, if it is necessary.
*Directly save all retrieved external drive partition data to a different storage device or location in case of data recovery failures.

Extend Your WD USB Hard Disk Main Partition after Data Recovery
Still want to extend your WD USN hard disk main partition back after that accidental shrinking and wonderful data recovery processes? OK! when you do have backed up all recovered files, videos, audios and more to the safe drives or locations well, go extend this main partition successfully like this: merely open your computer Disk Management interface and right click this USB hard disk partition to select Extend option in the drop-down list. Of course, if you are using a partition resizing tool, like IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro, to shrink the drive partition accidentally, it also is able to help you expand this partition back.

Prepare Several Copies of Everything Important Well before Any Drive Partition Shrinking or Extending Process
In case that such WD external hard drive partition data loss troubles caused by accidental partition space shrinking or extending processes happen to you again, you are supposed to always prepare several drives or storage devices to hold a couple of copies of everything important in advance. In other words, no matter whether you are planning to shrink, extend, format, reformat or erase your external drive partition, always extract all valuable photos, videos, songs, games, mails, messages and the like data to other drives or devices firstly. Of course, these storage devices that you choose to hold these important stuffs also are supposed to be healthy and work functionally to avoid farther issues.

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